'52 WLA Bobber Update !

1. Clutch cable mechanism fabricated and installed
2. Coil with fab'd bracket installed (I'm running a modern 6V regulator and I've rewired a 32E 3 brush generator to function as a 52K 2 brush unit)
3. Mirror (heated and custom bent) and parkerized finish(olive drab semi gloss)
4. New seat post bushing with parkerized post
5. Seat T welded and painted(olive drab lusterless)
6. Steel tank divider welded, fab'd and painted(olive drab lusterless)


Bad Betsy said...

Wow! She's lookin' good. Heated mirrors?!? Don't see that on a FLH much anymore. Gonna get a lot of looks.

smoken joe said...

You come long way in a short time.It looks realy good like the paint.It may carry a big price tag,got a 45 motor at the house guy wants done looks like all parts are there he going start cleaning,this weekend.Check should be there,your friend for life joey.