Flight Time Rule No. 1

5am flight time in Vegas = "Hang at Spina's til' 3am . . ."
( Pictured: Uncle Bob & Partsman Bill )

Rat Motor

It's done now - where's the owner? Need the bench space.

The Nuge

It was so freaking hot, plastic cups, warm beer, 2,100 good folks from Iowa, packed in the Surf Ballroom to hear Ted Nugent do Stranglehold again . . . the band was great - vocals spot on - the Gibson solid body and the Byrdland was shreddin' every note . . . for a 60 some year old guy holding a machine gun - not bad. Not bad at all. He lost the coin toss and had to ride the bus.

Me on the ice . . .

To help everyone cool off a bit . . .


Arlen was riding around that day and I followed him to his trailer where we talked about stuff for a bit then helped them unload
"The Untouchable" - real nice dude that Arlen Ness.

Dual Carb Pan Sporty

The Panster (that took some machining)

Skinny Dude Skinny Scoot

I'd give my right nut for a narrow springer like that - well, maybe not.
(Only if I get the 19" spool wid it . . .)

V8 Burnout in the Box

Tom Kelly, Larry Watson, Bob Spina

Magoo called Spina and told him Larry passed away. Before I knew Bob Spina, I really didn't know about the guys that paved the way in the custom car and paint industry. Larry Watson was one of them. They forgot more than we'll ever know. (see kustomrama.com for the Larry Watson story)

Wally's Triumph

This motorcycle has "been there" and "done that" many many times.

Speed is King

Iowa Weather - NOW

Temp: 92 F and Sunny
Humidity: 100%
Wind: 25mph gusty
Later: Storms, Possible Hail and/or Tornados
Dinner: Pasta with Wine and a Movie

Leaky Check Ball

If your ironhead leaks past the oil pump check ball(valve) and fills up your primary and lower end after extended periods of inactivity - Get yerself a needle-nose vise grips and put some small pieces of fuel line (so you don't booger up your rubber line) and pinch the feed line shut.
Works for me. Just don't forget to take your grips off - (I always kinda straighten out the line a little before I go rippin' down the road) Maybe I shouldn't be telling you people this stuff???
PS. Zoom in and check my nifty 1/2 link that hasn't flew off yet . . .

How to fix this . . ?

I have a panhead exhaust flange repair kit - but, the flanges are slightly tapered. WTF? I need to know the exact size of the ID(inside diameter) on a panhead pipe(where it slides over the head flange) Anybody have one they can measure? I don't have any panhead pipes yet. Then I can compare my OD on the replacement flanges. Thank You ! Now I just need a machinist and someone who can weld sandcast aluminum.

Favorite Products

Can't live without 'em :
Speedy 500 - Takes off sticky shit
Malco Showroom Shine: The best detailer, hands down period
Lincoln Grease Gun in-a-can - Gets in there !
PJ-1 Blue & HD Chain Oil: Both different - both flat out work !
Novus No. 2: Windshields, Paint, Sunglasses - No Problems.
Menchaca Fajita Seasoning: Burgers, Pork Chops, Steaks, Tex Mex (I'm Addicted)

Distant Relative?

Glove Dryer

Anything is Possible

Tonite ! FASTER PUSSYCAT Universal City, CA (on the catwalk)
July 16th MINI KISS The Hub-Cedar Falls, Iowa
July 22nd DAVID ALLAN COE Wildwood Smokehouse-Iowa City
July 23rd TED NUGENT Surf Ballroom-Clear Lake, Iowa
Aug 28th CINDERELLA Tama, Iowa
Sept 12th FU MANCHU First Avenue-Mpls, MN
Oct 19th SOCIAL DISTORTION First Avenue-Mpls, MN

Young Wrench

Conner hooks up the clutch cable on the knuckle.
You might as well sign over the title . . .

Dirt Bikes

Sturgis Comin' Up !

The Jackpine Gypsies have a whole week of races lined up . . . even the 1/2 Mile is back !

Bob Spina at Spade Bros.

Spina sent me this airbrushed eagle in process on a flaked out job I believe he's currently working on at Spade Bros. If you're in Cali - stop in to the shop sometime and tell them Noot sent ya . . .
Spade Bros.
15831 Chemical Lane - Huntington Beach, California.

Have a Great Independence Day Weekend

Classic Shirts

Since I was a kid, I've been given every sort of Harley shirt. I had so many I took about 70 shirts to Goodwill last year. Now they are all over town. It's kinda neat. B&N Cycle was Big Noot's 2nd shop (1969-1973) now a Taco Johns. I drew up the Noot's logo in Jr. High. (now I can't hardly wear an actual "Harley" shirt (for obvious reasons).

Life is a blurr . . .

The older you get - the faster it goes - Drink PBR . . .