Moments in Time

 Brad Baker's 450 before he crashed out of the lead . . .
Springfield All-Star Short Track 2016
 '64 XLH and Jeremiah Armenta at Davenport, Iowa
 Buchanan's Spoke debacle
 My great uncle, Billy Strauser of Wolf Point, Montana
 Ken Pressgrove and H-D KR750
 Gary Nixon and tuner . . . and a cigarette
 Wrong manifold for this ULH
Preserving American Heritage !
Clifford Vaughs in white pants (photo by Danny Lyon)

CHVRCH of Choppers

My dad must really like his COC shirt?  He wears it quite a bit.  My COC "Champion" shirts have a letter U, and are an older logo version.  I somehow ended up with 3ea of these . . I can wear them all week, and folks think I'm still wearing the same shirt.  One time, we each had on these shirts out in the shop, when this guy took me aside and asked, "What's Church Street Bikes?"  I told him.  Then, I saw him a different day and he said he went to the library and looked them up.  I'm thinking, "Card Catalog?  Books?"  I forgot they have computers at the library . . .

Springfield, Illinois

At over 120+mph . . . that's incredibly fast to be moving with nothing but packed dirt under your two wheels.  Track preparation is crucial.  You need equipment for track preparation, you need the track-prep managers to exchange information on "how it's done" for motorcycles.  It's different than horses.  Accidents happen and they've made positive track and safety improvements since the days of Leonard & Resweber . . . Flat track motorcycle racing is a dangerous sport - even for professionals.

Charlotte Kainz

I met Charlotte and her dad, at the first Mama Tried Show in Milwaukee.  We're both in the little Vimeo movie that accompanied the show that year.  I talked with them quite a bit during the weekend.  She had her bright yellow XR750 outfitted with ice tires for the show.  Charlotte was very nice, so was her dad.  Charlotte was so petite and small, I wondered how she could handle a motorcycle at all, until I saw her race.  This last (Labor Day Weekend) at Springfield, after a poor start - she charged through the field to just miss a transfer spot.  There were some young girls in front of me who were goin' absolutely bonkers whenever Charlotte made a move, or scored a pass - they were going crazy, cheering with high fives, laughing and hugging.  She was their inspiration, showing what a young girl could do with practice and determination. It made the racing (for myself) all the more exciting when 35L Kainz hit the track with her orange/red helmet.  Now she's gone, and it's gonna hurt for many - for a long time, when you're taken away doing something you love to - at only 20 years young.  She'll be missed - and I hope the other racers never forget what can happen in this sport.  Look out for one another - do it for Charlotte Kainz, and for you, and your competitor's family and friends. 
My condolences to all Charlotte's family, friends and fellow racers - and there's many of you.

Kyle McGrane

More terrible news I didn't want to hear.  Kyle was in a separate racing accident as Charlotte, (at the same track) and he fought for his life in the hospital, but passed away yesterday (Monday 09-26-2016).  Any time a flat track racer from our community is taken - it's such a loss.  You know all the names each year.  The name McGrane has been a dirt-track family name for many years.  Kyle was a fast, upcoming racer who was very talented.  You know this is a dangerous sport when even up-and-coming professionals can fall victim to crashes and serious injuries.  More heart-felt condolences to the entire McGrane family and friends and fellow competitors.

I've been a motorcycle (flat track) fan since 1975, and this is the part I hate the most.  The fact that it's a fast paced and exciting sport is what makes it so good . . . but, I hope this new American Racing sanctioning body can have some serious meetings about safety in the sport - and improve conditions or possibly starting procedures to give more room for racers in early laps (when these situations tend to happen, if you look at the history) especially on these "rough" and challenging racing venues.
 Kyle McGrane


NOTE: I remember one year at the Springfield Mile when Chris Carr and Scott Parker became spokesmen for all the racers, after the track (due to very heavy rains) was sticky, and wet - causing practice crashes and injuries. Coolbeth had one of the worst crashes of his career that day.  Racers were advised they would not be points-penalized if they elected not to ride.  Maybe a senior member of the racing fraternity could be elected to govern track conditions, etc?  This may hold race promoters "more responsible" for track conditions and the racing surface.  In general, if the racers show up, and the track is not acceptable to 90% of the participants, action is taken: ie: travel money is dispersed, etc.

Anything towards safety goals would help . . . none of us want this to ever happen again, to any one of our racers.  Deterring injuries (and worse, fatalities) in this sport should always be a top priority.

I feel this would not effect the quality of racing,
              but, actually improve it.

- R. Noot

Fixing old, broken and abused parts . . .

It will live again.

PJ1 Satin Black: FAST BLACK

This is the best paint (I've found) for Shovelhead and Sportster cylinders, cast iron heads . . . Anything you want satin black.  It's perfect.  Not too flat, not too gloss.  It looks great and holds up very well.  I paint head bolts with it too, then you can 'touch-up' after you torque them (same paint as the heads or cylinders). 
Cures fully after running the engine.  Smells terrible !  Wear a mask . . . clean the spray tip after use.

Youth is King

Mert Lawwill

We all know Mert's gloried history . . . but from 1968-1972, Keith Mashburn was one of the best flat track racers in the country.  He was hired by Yamaha for the '68 season to ride all the short tracks, half miles and miles.  He blazed victories and podium finishes in most all the nationals.  Later in his career, Keith was approached by Harley-Davidson for a factory ride, but thought his place with Yamaha was secure, until they dropped him for the next season.  A rather dejected Mashburn made a "real life" move and got steady employment, leaving racing behind - when he was still quite competitive.  The dangers of motorcycle racing at that time were very real, with injuries and deaths from even the top pros of the sport. Today, Mashburn enjoys vintage rallies and banquets featuring the stars of yesterday . . . a role he fits in well.

 1972 - Mashburn gets the silver cup and the trophy girl.

Metal on the Wall


I like the looks of polished aluminum motor mounts on Sportsters & race bikes.  The oil tank mounts we made out of steel, since the last set (from aluminum) kept bowing every time I'd snug 'em up.

Cedar River Harley-Davidson Shop: Open House

The local Harley dealer had a customer appreciation day . . . and made it real easy to come out and hang around, eat some smoked pork (heck, take 2 or 3), drink a cold beverage - they even had ice cream !
I rode the WLA out . . . A bit cloudy in the morning(for hot coffee) gave way to some sun in the afternoon(for a cold drink).  The crowd slowly rolled in for the poker run and demo rides.
 The one-man-band rocked it all day long, and never played a song I didn't like.  He was great !
 Sekar servin' up that great smoked pork . . .
Zimmer grabs a cold one . . . 
For a smaller shop, they offer a decent selection of leathers, hoodies and shirts.  I'm usually hangin' in the service department, but found myself checkin' out some new H-D threads !
 Usually, I see Justin building big-bores . . .
Today he was back changing rubber.
The Dyno Room
Ed fixin' some exhaust.  
The Service Dept. is often called upon to assist travelers
just passin' thru . . .
 Hey Kelly, how's your sandwich ?
I liked this new custom . . . I could ride this !  Nice !
Sales Staff photo op.
Check their website for sales and inventory, 
or call Clint at (641)228-2192 for the latest trades and new 2017s !
Clint will take trades on cars, trucks, boats or your lake house !
Morgan wit set yup wid sum rad threads !
 Hickle sneaked in for the free food . . . goin' incognito . . .

 They've got vintage rides to look at too, memorabilia . . .
some of which could be in a museum.
That black panhead is FOR SALE !
Nick Franke (Service Manager-left) doesn't seem convinced . . . 
 My dad (Noot Sr.) is retired, but still likes to help out . . .
 When I said they'll deal on American muscle, I was serious.
I dig that Firebird.

Tom "Hawk" Minert has been into Harley-Davidsons for over 50 years.  He's built this shop into a solid business that offers competitive prices and great service . . . plan to stop in sometime, always something new to look it.  It's located just west of Charles City, Iowa (on the Avenue of the Saints).  It's sort of like a ranch out here with a long white fence and green pastures . . .
and a rooster hangin' around.
(I promise no high pressure, they're real relaxed as you can tell)
Come out and see us . . .
Cedar River Harley-Davidson Shop
1750 Cedar View Road
Charles City, Iowa USA 50616
Ph (641)228-2192

Josh's Rockers

I got the polished rockers (from Bronsonville - and they look great!), washed up everything, did some checking, etc . . . now they're ready for assembly. 
The question is ????????  Should I give up my totally retro Gardner-Wescott Rocker Bolt Kit for 900 Sportsters I've had for 20+ years, so Josh can have sano chrome bolts?  Tough decision.
Sentimental motorcycle parts . . . I suppose.

WR Tappet Guides

These guides are specially made for each individual cam.  
FI = Front Intake

Etched in History

Kenny Jr.

Coolbeth may have his own plan for Santa Rosa . . ?