The "Harley" Sprint

The motor factory brought them to this country, but you gotta admit - they were a very versatile machine.  I really hope they run that 250 class with all the Sprints this year at the Friday Night Davenport Vintage.  When they're all runnin' around that 1/2 mile, it's hard to believe it's all 250s . . . those Sprint CRs haul ass !

" You Asshole ! "

This is the original No Vacancy sign that hung in front of the Pine Breeze Inn in Bellemont, Arizona.  You know the place.  Where Wyatt and Billy were denied a room . . . The motel is still there.  They just put the sign in the bar for safe keeping.  It's still flashing NO, NO, NO, NO

Aldana Poster

. . . NOT FOR SALE ( I asked )

Road Trippin' Minnesota

Met up with my buddy Hux for a ride up to the Millville Custom Car and Bike Show.  Trying to keep up with his Gixxer 1000 was not possible - so, it was nice he hung back and rode with me.  Then we hooked with my friends Pat and Denny for some beers, food and rock 'n roll.  This area of Minnesota is really unique with it's great roads, cool lil' towns and friendly folks who just want to have a good time.  Reminds me of how life used to be in some areas . . . but, it's never changed here.  Thanks Jordan for all the Grain Belt Tall Boys (I drank like 5 or 6 of them) Thanks Whitey and The Millville Cafe for keepin' me fed.  Got to take a late night run with Pat (riding his 1939 WLDD hot rod) - and again, thanks Pat for hangin' back and riding with me. 
I keep getting slower - WTF?
Wheels Unlimited in Marion (bloody Brits, etc)
"Hux" doin' his thing
Henry Ford would have wanted it this way
Made by Studebaker
The Stumble Inn
Denny's band (an encore performance)
Pat's Dad and his trusty Ironhead Sportster
Kevin & Co. made it down (real riders)
Anti-social campsite
American Bald Eagle watching me brush my teeth

1000cc Cushman

You gotta admit - this is cool.  I think he passed me going about 75 on the highway????

Panhead Bottom Ends

Original Gig Bills

 . . . from the Slant Artist Show of Decker & Lichter.

Mikuni Set Up

Ricky likes his Mikuni . . . so, I got the set-up.

at The Rat's Hole Show

Saw Polgreen's bike . . . but, where was he?  
( I needed legal advice . . . )
Dave was wingin' it - burnt oil on those pretty pipes and all !

This is the one . . .

The black hills' fire roads beckoned for this with a spirited rider at the helm.  Professionally built.

Rural America

I needed fuel . . . but, the old pump was broken.  The Price / Gallon on the machine would only go up to $2.99/Gal . . . so he had to set it to read 1/2 price, then just double it for your cost.  The pump was manufactured in 1966.  He liked my bike.

Paul Cox

. . . Crazy Oil Return.  He ran the mag up front, so he utilized the timer hole.  Neato !

I Like Clams

with an Angus burger, leaf lettuce, big ass garden tomater, Vlassic spear, seed bun, glop o' mayo
and a Clamato tall can. 
Mmmmmmm Goodness !
Sugar Shack, SD

Livin' the High Life . . .

with an Angus Burger, toasted bun, white onion, garden tomater, original Ruffles and Heinz (not shown).
Smackin' Goodness !
Sheldon, Iowa

Lookin' for Tator . . . ?

Went to the shop, Spider came over . . . " Hey Spider, where's Tator?"  Maybe he's at the clubhouse?  Went to the clubhouse.  "Tator's home sleepin' . . . want me to call him?"  Naw, just tell him Noot stopped.  Have a good day - stop back on the way home . . .

Beep Beep yer Ass

There is no way you'll ever pass this guy, unless he runs outta race gas . . . 145 cu. in, dual S&Ssssss?  Eeeee Gaaaads !  Need some Acme Products.

Jackpine Gypsies M/C


The guy I've stayed with (last 12 years) grew up in Sturgis and knows everything about the place.  He raced with the Jackpine Gypsies back-in-the-day . . . and recently told me a story about the time John Penton showed up.  The off road, enduro event started down low and worked it's way to higher and higher elevations.  Penton started off strong, but his jetting was miscalculated for the thin air at upper altitude.  So, Alva went streaking right by . . . The locals are always strong on their "home track."  I've seen many professional riders get their asses smoked by the local Jackpine Gypsies.  ( He got out his photo album and I liked this photo of Alva at the hillclimb on his DT )

Rare Ticket

Innovations & Ideas

Even though I don't always agree with this type of stuff . . . it can make me feel like a total failure.  That AMD Show is always interesting.  Hours and hours, months and years to achieve these results.  Not to mention the costs to ship everything over here. Warning: Be ready zooming in on these . . .
( I really dig Kraus' motorcycles )