Big Ol' Yella Hog

I think this was a special-order color this year? 
Are you takin' the Yellow Bike?
You know, the guy with the Yellow Bike.
Oh, I know who you mean - that guy with the Yellow one !

Weathered Fuel Lines

I run a fiberglass tank on my "race bike" and it's best to drain the fuel from fiberglass after each use.  I don't use clamps for a quick-disconnect.  I see they're gettin' cracked, I'd better replace them. I do use hose clamps at an event with tech inspection
Dellorto PHM 38 is my carb of choice for this engine.

Ascot Scrambles

I assume that giant overhead tank is full of water . . . and not fuel ! 
I can see a racer losing control and flying into the tank !   It be the hottest bike on the track !

Tappet Block Cracks and Honing

These Harley tappet blocks like to crack right on the slot's sharp corner.  Doesn't really matter if they're aluminum or cast iron - they both crack.  Sometimes there's a little casting mark(like this one) and that's where they crack.  You can weld 'em or braze 'em . . . however, it may be best to find a different block.  Maybe relieve that edge just a bit with a tiny Dremel?  If that piece breaks off, it's not gonna be good.

I have possession of the "original Noot's" bead hone for tappet blocks.  Works for many brake master cylinders too.  It appears about worn out, but still works great.  I run it in reverse and it works the opposite side of the honing beads, then back clockwise to smooth up the bore.  The wire ends leave micro scratches to help hold oil in the bores.  I slow the rpm way down and use long strokes to get the crosshatch running with the bore.  Michael gave me 2 pairs of blocks, so I checked fitment with a lifter . .  I'll use the best for a set.

Revisited: Go Fast Turn Left

This diagram is for oval track stock cars, but you can implement this method into motorcycle oval track racing (especially short tracks) where you don't have much of a straight.  Slightly offset wheels, slight camber of wheels.  Old school racers say it works - for faster corner speeds,  . . . different methods for cushion tracks or hard pack surfaces.  You probably can't get too crazy, 'since I assume your chain is running a bit off?  I see the European racers shaved their tires at angles to get more surface area(contact patch) on the ground for different tracks.  Anything to gain an edge.

" He's Got The . . .

 . . . world by the nuts !  "
Neato scoot - I love those things . . .

Haifley Brothers (Iowa Natives)

Iowa boys to Phoenix.  I stopped to see Jeremiah on Saturday (but shop was closed) so I walked next door to The Haifley Bros. to see what was new . . . and as always - busy as hell.  The Arizona weather permits sanding and body work outside on most days.  Someday I'm just gonna walk in and point, and say, "I'll take that one."  They told me I can do that anytime now Noot . . .

Phoenix Trip

I took a weekend off and went to Phoenix for a visit . . . The Arizona Antique & Classic Enthusiasts Club and has nice show and swap. 

I wanna buy a bike and head for the desert !

They had a sweet turn-out of vintage (non-Harley) . . . but I bought a set of K Model pistons at the swap meet . . . and should've bought more stuff (decent prices).
Jeremiah was a bit "under-the-weather" all weekend with strep and fever, so that kinda sucked, since usually I get to hang around and hone some cylinders, or grind some valves?  He did muster up enough strength to meet me Monday (on my way to the airport) and fire up his TROG knuckle racer for me.  Lots of projects at Love Cycles as always.  He's always been the best host, and we always have a fun time talkin' shop and catchin' up on all things vintage H-D.  See ya'll soon and good luck at TROG in June.  -Noot

Steve Pfalzgraf

16 Tooth Transmission Sprocket

I'm runnin' this 16T on my K flat-tracker for a bit . . . down from the 18T

Gary Scott

Ironic photo, since it appears he's riding a Triumph ! ?
Scott was an AMA Grand National Champion in 1974.  He raced Triumphs, raced for the Harley-Davidson factory team, then as a privateer.  Gary Scott was an excellent professional motorcycle racer, but sometimes he could be a real asshole.  I guess he slugged Bill Werner in the mouth once over something?  Maybe he deserved it?  Scott claimed a few motors, said a lot of words . . . but hey, gotta like the dude 'cause he goes like hell ! 

TECH: Piston Skirt Slot ( WL Pistons )

There's "Nice to Know" and there's "Need to Know"
I'm not sure which may apply to you ?
This angled slot is factory on all oversize WL (45") pistons. 
Standard bore (2.745 std. size) pistons do not have this slot. 
The slot is only on oversize pistons
This piston (pictured) is +.040 oversize.
The slot is only on one side of the piston - Not both sides. 
Slot position is towards front of cylinder.

Correct installation = slot towards front-side of cylinder.

THRUST FACES  H-D V-Twin Engines
Information above from the JE Piston website . . .

Bultaco !

Z O O M    I N  !
The bulls have a good power to weight ratio . . .

May 15th, 1921

Harold broke Cannonball Baker's 24hr record . . . then ended up being killed while testing when a horse stepped out in front of him.  Many top racers die in testing accidents. 
Today is his birthday.

Dig Out for high adventure !

Who writes this stuff . .  ?
To answer your question, "No - he didn't just get off work from the painting crew."  White suits and white leathers were popular in the 1960s.

Get Down

Axtell 3 3/16 Stroker Pistons

Anyone want to buy some old stroker pistons?  I cleaned 'em all up, and they aren't scored or anything.  Nice condition.  They are just cool - Buy and Collect !  Trade with your friends !  Just neat to have on the shelf.
(PS. I can measure them and get you an exact size if you're interested)

Build a Stroker - Rebel against society !  Buck the system !  Disobey the Speed Limit !
Live a little ! 

The "High End" of the Harley 45 . . .

45s are the shit . .

I'm turning into a "side valve" guy, since they just run so good, never need much maintenance, always start . .  and always get me to where I wanna go.  If you can ever get a Harley 45 you'll really like it. (rode to coffee, then to work today - cold as heck out, that wet kind of cold) I found myself laying my (gloved) hand on the heads to warm up my fingers.

Building a Magneto

I save all these FM magneto parts, then I build my own.  I've never bought one all complete (kinda expensive).  The original Fairbanks-Morse parts are good - and I like anything NOS (still-in-the-box).  I have a great source for charging magnets, checking coils, checking condensers, etc. and troubleshooting.  I have a magneto firing the plugs in about everything I run.  Most times on a "magneto fired" engine when it won't start, the first thing that gets blamed is the magneto . . . since it's the most misunderstood. 
Hey, it ain't Old Sparky's fault !


A healthy couple o' cats . . . Me & Morty

 . . . the cat treats are Morty's.
Morty The Official Shop Cat says, "Let me in . . ." 
Mort likes his motocross bike stand I got for him to sit on.
Trying to figure out what shaft I'm gonna need for a special project.  I've been taking these supplements so I can still kick start all these bikes.  My "Sportster Knee" is definitely improving due to exercise and diet.


Bob Pazour - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Pazour Cycle was the shop of Iowa State Dirt Track Motorcycle Champ Bob Pazour.  He rode Indians, and many other brands.  He won Iowa Championships in 1956 and 1957.  I wonder if the building is still there? 

Off with the Ice - On with the Dirt

Water: The most corrosive substance known to man.  After a couple hundred laps of ice riding 6 weekends in a row, this thing is dirty, a bit rusty, and foamy oil still drips from the breather tube.  The aluminum is dull, carbon is on everything from the pipes back . . . No loose bolts found yet, but it needs to be fully "gone through" and checked out.  I'll hook the brakes back up - and I'm changing the transmission gear from a 18T to a 16T to start running in high gear instead for these shorter tracks like Dubuque Speedway.  High is better for the transmission, stronger and less friction, less power robbing . . . the way it was designed.

Skat Blast

So I've got this bench top blaster I use . . . and I have a hole bored through my garage wall with a flex hose to attach my Shop Vac (outside) to suck all the dust out of the blaster.  When the vacuum is running, this white, exhaust dust cloud is in the air, and the vac is so wore out from all the bead (probably going through the motor) that it rattles and is REALLY LOUD !  The neighbors probably think I got some kind of meth-making operation going on over there . . . and they keep their distance.
  Parts "on deck" to be blasted . . along with a bunch of mis-matched pistons Randy gave me to see if any are salvageable to use?  A couple are old Dytch stroker pistons !