Standard Oil Co.

Valve stem cap.

Custom Throttle Cable

I'm using a Motion Pro (Turbo Throttle) for 7/8" handlebars.  I need a special cable to operate my Dellorto PHM. The bike runs great, however my throttle cable I'm currently running is "hangin' up" since it's used, kinked, munched on . . . and not the correct cable  . . . and it's no fun.  I've modified many cables for all my different carb set-ups . . . but, I'm out of cables for modification on this one - and we just don't have the right combination to make it work - so my bike is just sitting there, my rings aren't seated yet, and I can't run the bike properly to get it all jetted and sorted out without the proper throttle cable.  Motion Pro is trying to make me a custom cable - hopefully they can help ?

Guest Quarters

Our spare guest room . . . doubles as parts storage.  
Nite Nite (next to drag slicks)

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1978 Sportster XLH

Now it runs around the island of Japan . . .
I wanted to show what a guy could do with stock ironhead.  Lots of details and ways to do things differently and keep it clean, with minimal customization.  Ditch some covers, drill some holes, utilize gloss, flat and wrinkle black.  A little chrome, some brushed aluminum - and keep it functional and practical.

Still a basically stock Sportster 
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Staged Photo ?

 1941 ?

Joe Smith . . . Stars down the legs (you know it's him)

Joe Smith is in his 80s now . . . and still talks to my buddy Willard on a regular basis . . .
TWO is better than just ONE
That's a ton o' fuel !

DYTCH 10.5:1 3.00" Bore +.040

These pistons are in nice condition.  They take 2ea compression rings and +.007 to +.008 clearance.  I'd like to try them sometime.  The tallest domes I've ever seen on an Ironhead piston I guess you must fly-cut clearance for the big intake valves?  Someone knurled these for oil . . .
I'll have to measure one and see if they're 3.040?  or 3.035ish?  Did he figure the clearance into the piston?
How did Dytch do it?  Doc Dytch that is . . .

I've got quite the exotic piston collection for early ironheads.  Anything I see at the swap meets for 3.00" bore I usually buy it, or regret it later.  I sit and dig through my collection and just look at them.  Probably never use them - they're just different attempts at performance.  I need a set of those Aries pistons(I think) that have the 3 teflon lookin' buttons built into the skirts.  Don't have those yet.  The MC pistons, Dytch, Axtell, S&S short stroker pistons . . . Some people collect spoons from different states - I collect pistons. 

M-21 Fuel Fill Direction

Finished this up over the (cold & windy) weekend . . . but, the carburetor may feed from the back??  Most of the old H-Ds fill from the front, however a VL photo shows the fuel coming from the back.  Hmmmm.  Might have to switch it and re-adjust?

Yvon Duhamel

One of the most versatile racers of all time.  If not "The Best" . . . on pavement, dirt, ice(sleds and cycles) and NASCAR.  The more track conditions changed or worsened, the faster he got.  Duhamel still participates and rides with vigor.
 . . . still competitive well into modern times !
 Heck . . . give him a chance, he's still competitive this weekend !

Allen's 1934 VLD Motor

Kevin was side-swiped by a cage, and it broke the original gear cover.  He furnished a later VL cover, and we got it all fitted, with updated engine breathing.  Dad spent a lot of time on this motor, fixing all the worn and loose connections(time consuming, but necessary).  A running engine, but loose and worn in most aspects.  It's high compression iron heads are being blasted of carbon, and a fresh coat of hi-heat engine enamel applied.  This model was a "hot-rod version" of the VLs.  It's all timed, intake aligned, tappets adjusted . . . and yes it's nice to look at, with all it's "gizmo-ness" . . . drinking hot coffee from an Official National Motorcycle Museum ceramic mug.

FL Fork Legs

The blasted look was too dull(and fake lookin'), the buffed look would be too show.  I want the satin, shined up barn-find look.  The internals had bottomed out, damaging a couple parts.  I'll make new parts and drill the lower legs for drain plugs (1/8" pipe thread) as stock. 

Hurst Shims

I see you can buy these new - I believe that's the problem?
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( PS. I'm practicing for Instagram )
I put a tablet on my Christmas List (or a fancy phone)

Geo Roeder

 I like the Mega Cycle leathers, and the two-stroke.  I always remember that Geo Roeder and Chris Carr are about my own age . . .

Vinyl and a Mood Light

My very first record was Nazareth Hair of The Dog.  I didn't really like it.(should have kept it too)  The store lady let me exchange it for Deep Purple Machine Head (which you see here, original album).  American Pie sounds more real and personal on vinyl.  Tommy Bolin's bluesy rock licks . .a true master.  Every listen you hear something different. All original pressings.

A long long time . . .

Sometimes . . .
I realize how long my dad has been working in the garage.
Top Photo by: Mom
Bottom Photo by: Jeff Wright

Cardio Heart Exploder

I got this thing moving in a circle on Saturday (grass field) and soon my heart was pounding like a speed-metal band bass riff . . . I think I need some cardio training ?  The motor's still kinda puffin' out the pipes, and now it don't want to come down off mid-throttle again????  A couple weird little glitches.  I'll figure it out - but hey, it's fun to ride and has a great sound !
 . . .  and it just looks cool.

Late Model Star Hub

The (late model) star hubs have a heavier, machined flange.  These came out around 1957 and lasted until 1966.  Heavier duty for the new hydraulic brake I assume?  They also added a grease zerk (through the star cover).  I'll rebuild this one and run it on the rear wheel.  Races are good.
Lots o' parts to these suckers . . . over 50+ parts.  About 6 parts for a Timken hub.
Star thrust plate and cover (with zerk) 1957-1966.

Go Go Boots & Fringe

 Love those long lower legs . . .

It's 52

#52 for Ronnie Rall
He's had a long career . . .
and recently won a vintage race for Enfield Racing.
Ron's son Chad, races with the old #52 too !

(Above) Ronnie Rall racing with George Roeder !
 Rall in that "famous drift" which has been copied 
and repop'd with different captions and number plates.

1966 XLCH Ironhead

I've worked on this(off and on again) for over a year. 

1949 Harley Riser Repair

I bought these new riser bushings to replace the old rubber ones that fell out.  What I didn't realize is that the original bushing just came apart - the bonded rubber separated from the steel center. 
 The outside steel part is still stuck in the riser - fart !
Rusted solid . . .
This looks like a good job for my machinist guru McFarland? . . . big lathe, indicate the piece, bore old sleeve to a slight press fit diameter . . . fit new bushing. 

Harley-Davidson WR750

The rear-exhaust lower tappet cover gave me fits of frustration.  The lowers are reproduction, and may be thicker than the originals?  The covers are tight and close tolerance.  I had to remove the rear cylinder a couple times, and fit everything.  I used a 26" X 1.75 bicycle tire tube, and sectioned it for the rubber center dust covers . . . just like the old days of dirt racing !
Noot Sr. completely disassembled the original WICO Magneto, replaced the fiber drive block, tested it, tuned it - and now she throws violent, but controlled spark.  These Wicos have a rotor, and function similar to an auto distributor - and spark single-fire.  You need to hook the plugs wires on the correct cylinder, or she'll run really funny. 

When our President rode a motorcycle . . .

Jimmy Carter liked his Heritage. 
You know you can trust a president that rides a motorcycle
and drinks a Billy Beer . . .