Learning Curve . . .

I'm building a new? motor from broken parts again.  I guess that's the best way to learn this craft by doing again and again.  We'll run a vintage Sifton 412 cam (dated 1973), Wiley dynamically balanced the flywheels (his secret %percentage), McFarland milled the heads and I cleaned up the ports a bit for Rowe nitrate and  HD valves, we'll try the magneto again.  I bored the cylinders +.010 for 8:1 Gary Bang pistons - and my trusty Super E . . . all this for an extra kick in the britches. Thanks to all the new people who sold me stuff that's been in their sheds and basements and abandon houses for years and years and just want to see me go go go go go go . . . .

Dig 'em out . . .

Every once in awhile, the local HD dealership digs out some of their collection . . . I like that '59 CH.  They usually have some old stuff out there . . . a 1945 WL and a pan chopper too.

I like how guys used to race . . .

. . . with t-shirts and/or no gloves . . . care in the wind - just go faster !


I saw this on ebay last night . . . If I had a lot of money and wanted an XR750 . . . this would most definitely be the motorcycle dreams are made of . . . . just run & jump !

New WRENCH Magazine

I still read magazines.  My attention span has not suffered so bad from internet crap that I can't sit still to read a motorcycle magazine.  My biff is . . . many of the "chopper" mags have all kinds of typos.  I'm not an English teacher, but the stories are bad (and uninteresting) and the photos don't highlight the details of the motorcycle that deserve "highlighting."   Wrench is not too bad in this department . . . however, the article on Jeremiah is real general (could have been longer and more informative).  The "Snowblind" article was probably the best one . . . and for Born Free being such a big deal, I still haven't read a decent article on this event with detailed photos and technical data.  I can't be the only one who spots a bike in the background I'd rather look at . . . I guess I'll just have to cover an event, send in my submission, and see if they print it? 

I'm in The Horse . . ! Well, sort of . . .

I see my name in the latest The Horse Backstreet Choppers.  I was probably talkin' and not paying attention when the pictures were being taken (doesn't surprise me).  Now I know the names of all the cool people I talked to during the show.  It was really fun that day . . . Me & Ricky Anchor hangin' at the show - Hope we can do it again somewhere, someday. (I'll bring the pan chop !)

WTF? New Sprocket Shaft in the package . . .

OD run-out on splines is perfect - no run-out, Zero
OD run-out on Timken surface has +.003 run-out, Bad
It was a new sprocket shaft in the package.  
Noot thinks what happened was the surfaces were ground separately, 
and they got a shaving on the center after they ground the splines.
The Timken bearing will be shaking and probably destroy itself.
You can't just throw the shafts in and start assembling . . . 
You must check run-out on parts during assembly.
You really have to check this stuff, 
even if it seems rather mundane.

Florida get-a-way . . . on the cheap !

Superstitious?  Row 14 is really Row 13 . . . Flyin' on the 13th !
Anna Maria Island:  Fishin' Drinkin' & Swimming . . . Fun !

Our beach bungalow . . . . cool pad

Anna Maria Island is known for it's excellent fishing !

Mackerel dinner - Fresh catch !
Canoe trip down the Weeki Wachee River . . .

I like to travel - but, it's kinda expensive unless you ride a chopper and sleep on the ground.  We do it on a budget with mom & pop motels, public transportation, fishing off the dock with the locals (no charters).  Cheryl and myself have lots of fun all the places we've been - and all the sites we've got to see off-the-beaten-path.  Weeki Wachee and Homosassa are weird names for towns . . . but, it's really cool there.  Anna Maria is another place that time has forgot.  Old Florida the way it should be.  Mackerel and Jack until the Ladyfish and Blacktips move in . . . then it's $1 draws and watch the sun go down again . . .

Hi-Tech Knuckle Chop / / /

This bike is trick.  I like the juice brake set-up, the rack, fender strut . . . many custom, yet functional fabrications - and it still keeps the old-time vibe.  A true custom - rider !

Small shops . . .

Carlo Borrani

Fall night rides are best . . .

1950 Ford

A local guy called my friend who runs an auto repair shop, and asked if he could bring in his truck for a tune-up . . . and this is what showed up !

New primary gasket

The '65 XLCH runs the dry clutch which didn't have time to get oil in it . . . since oil ran out the primary so fast - it never had a chance to fill up !

Dean Kelsey - Harley-Davidson Dealer

I see an obituary for 90 year old Dean Kelsey of Iowa Falls today.  Dean ran a salvage business, was a H-D dealer, a Bridgestone dealer, sold chain saws, drove a Caterpillar . . . a million things this guy could do.
Dean was a founding member of the Ghost Town Ramblers M/C, he did motorcycle stunts at the fair, and was a Class C professional hill climber.  I remember going with my dad a couple times down to "Kelsey's" where Dean would sell a spanking new Sportster (still in the crate) to Noot . . . and then Noot would set them up and sell it at his custom shop . . . B&N Cycle.  There was this very, very steep road to manipulate down into the salvage yard to pick up bikes.  I'd crawl on the floorboards since it was too scary for me . . . Dean sure lived a full life.  Awesome motorcycle stories now archived forever.