V.R. 46

A grand prix racer such as Valentino Rossi only comes around about once every 25 years or so . . . He's already one of the fastest in pre-season testing - even on new tire compounds.  2014 could see another title.  Continued flashes of brilliance are almost guaranteed.
( photo courtesy of the Motorcyclist blog )

Paul Smith and Harley-Davidson

Some of the most iconic (and now highly sought after) 
graphics were designed by Paul Smith.

VIP - Tours - Archives - Food & Friends - Milwaukee, Wisconsin ! MAMA TRIED

Scott was nice enough to grant us VIP tours of the H-D Factory (Powertrain Plant) and the H-D Archives at the museum.  Photos were not allowed at the factory, but it was interesting to see how the new Twin-Cam engine is built . . . even if we don't give a shit about anything made after the 1970's.  The x-rays are of a guy named Robert Craig Knievel.  The "Sturgis Softail" is the only one ever built by H-D.  Turkey Burgers,  Mac & Wisconsin Cheese . . . & Kruse . . . round it out.   
Quote of the week:   
"I miss you - love you . . . but, I love choppers more."

Fast Mothers ! - MAMA TRIED

One aspect that made this show unique was the variety of motorcycles on display.
- Real Race Bikes (not just wanna-be race bikes)
There's a lot of customs out there with race parts - which is cool . . . but, it's easy to get confused with a real race bike, or a retired race bike.  Real race bikes serve only one purpose - to go fast.  To go fast in a certain direction for a fixed amount of time. 

A White Knuckle Ride @ MAMA TRIED

One of my favorites of the show . . .