AEE Sissy Bar

Somebody wanted $500 for one . . . then I saw it on ebay . . . 
wonder if he got his loot ?
( I hate to pay retail )

Dead Nutz !

As it should be . . . and make sure the hole is open - through the pinion shaft, the flywheel, then through the crank pin . . . and it's off to grandmother's house we go !

Buzz Can !

Anymore, you can get some wild-ass colors and flake at the local auto parts store.  So, if yer low on bread - git out there and git yerself some buzz bomb fer that peanut tank . . . "Who painted that?"  Hey, bro - I did it myself."

The Jackpot

At this brief moment (as in everyone's life) . . .
this guy totally had it all !
UPDATE:  Then he got more and more - and ended up with his own shop, his own products, his own Harley-Davidson dealership . . . and through it all his woman by his side !  It doesn't get much better.
Bob & Tracey Dron (now retired) in the old days . . .

Lost Art

Turbo ironhead, custom seat, paint, tank - gnarly shit . . . !
If you saw this parked at the bar - you'd freak . . .

Springfield Run 1999

Checking my pushrods in the parking lot with Craig Jacobs.  We'd ride to Davenport on Friday for the swap meet - then on to Springfield for the short track and the Sunday mile events.  The Sportster H runnin' with big Evo's all the way.  I always rode the oldest iron by about 30 years.  Craig was tragically killed when he hit a deer at night on his Road King a couple years ago.  It really sucked - hell-of-a-good dude.

Retro Pin-Striping

I see this style of striping on a lot of 50s, 60s dressers, chops - not cars so much . . . but, I always thought it looked kinda ugly.  I didn't really like it.  BUT . . . the more I see it in old pics . . . I'm starting to like it.  It's different and gets away from the assemetrical designs.  Cool paint on this one too !

Cool Front End

. . . that was "my" first impression.

Gary Bang

The Ultimate Framer

1971 Camaro SS

An original big block car, this was spared from the crusher at Dale's Automotive by a yard hand.  I bought the car for $1100 (with snowmobile racing winnings) freshly painted, built a fresh 4 bolt truck 350, added some goodies and a nitrous system, and proceeded to get in a lot of trouble with the local law enforcement.  Many nights with a case of Schmidt big mouth bottles in the back, Bon on the 8 track, and a car load of party people with full dugouts.  I stuck out like a sore thumb in this bright orange thing - flying around town.  Almost rolled it one night as I lost control and went briefly "on two wheels" . . . while road racing a '77 Nova on the way back from Waterloo.  A 17 year old - plus - a camaro with lots of power = potential disaster.  What were my parents thinking????

Don Vesco

Vesco went 230+ before Rayborn. He then went 300+ after Rayborn. Then 350+ . . . then he went 400+ . . . he used multiple engines - but, they were still made by Yamaha and/or Kawasaki. Carr went 350+ with some kind of thing in there? They say it's a motorcycle, but that's up for debate. In my book - Vesco was the king of Bonneville with a motorcycle.

Is this Big Daddy ?

PBR Trophy

After watching this program about people with these "hording" disorders . . . I've been cleaning out my closets, throwing away all sorts of shit, crap, junk etc. I took some of my old trophies to Goodwill - but, I'd better save this one - hey, it's even a pull-tab !

Anyone remember this one . . ?

I took this photo in '98 or so at the Rat's Hole Show when they still had it in City Park - Sturgis.
Wonder if this is still together? Who's was it - I can't recall . . .

Go Flat - Go Straight - Go Eight

. . . at Winfield Watson (check that exhaust)

1948 and 1949

The brothers Benassi roll out of Nemo for a ride in the hills. They do most all their own work and restorations. Parkerized and Cad where it should be . . . There's something to be said for building and riding your own machine. The pride you feel is priceless. Good Job !

Ness "Peg Shifter" thing . . .

I have one of these Ness Shifter / Footpeg deals
if someone wants to buy one?

Make your own . . .

I'm just gonna start making my own pistons . . .
can't find the ones I want.

Breather Air Ramp

These work. Punch out your screen and install one for better engine breathing, less gasket seepage and more power. 1. Punch out the steel screen 2. Grind and smooth out the remaining spot welds which are left behind. 3. I use a little "Right Stuff" or your favorite sealer down in the bottom of the breather. 4. Install with the supplied set screw through the bottom breather hole (add a little locktite) even though the screw can't go anywhere once the breather is in the case. I have a few for sale if you really want one. $35 Fits: '83 and earlier shovels, pans, knucks . . .
PS. I also like to 'square up' the breather hole in the case itself (I have S&S directions if you want specifics - I can fax to you if needed.

Tranny Rebuild

I think this has been one of the hardest rebuilds I've ever done? Lapping, surface grinding thrust washers, OD grinding shafts, heating, pressing, measuring, fitting, checking runout . . . a lot of little tolerances that were off and needed correcting. Giving stuff to people, trying to get it back. On the run, phone calls. Made my tiny brain hurt. Trying to do it in the garage with books, devices and tools that were foreign to me. Trying to understand why shit is binding, why stuff don't fit right? 1/2 of one part - and 1/2 of another. It still ain't done yet. Need shift rollers. (I had the old style that didn't use them) Fun times. (Hey, that's a 15" with star-hub in the background for a local dude's chop) Custom made brass jockey shift ball.
Get down with it !

1985 - Robert's dirt track comeback . . .

I think he rode a Harley XR in this one?
I know he did at one of them . . .

Here's why . . . The bottom line: Uncle Bob

I post a lot of Spina paint and stuff. You can see it here on rickynoot . . . Bob's a good friend of mine - and he's also been around the block in the custom paint world . . . you dig? I figure once guys like him are gone - they're gone, and we ain't gettin' any younger. I try to stripe all my jobs with "Spina-style-striping" - so it can kinda carry-on another generation. Bob sends me pics from his cell and I post 'em. It's kinda like being buds with Roth, Dutch, Watson, Mr. J, Bobbo, Magoo, Kelly, Coop, Jimmy C . . . can you dig it? The guys that are legends. They don't make any more like 'em. You diggin' it?
I can dig it !

Got Spina?

Dino's Lounge

Go check it out my Vegas friends . . .

Panhead Cylinders

Anybody Know ??????

What company made these risers? My buddy picked them up when he lived in California in the 1960s and early 1970s . . .

Quarter Twenty Four

Yes, there really is 1/4-24 . . . I wonder how many threads have been destroyed over the years with 1/4-20 bolts?????

Marion Owens Agrees

Two Are Better Than One . . .


Yo kiddies, git down wid it on da STREETNIK, so don't ya be a dick or we beat ya wid a stick down by Dick Blick says Rick on his way to see a Flik at da Palms . . . huh?

Wow . . . The California Kid !

Check this . . . just got sent the top photo from the SEMA Show in Vegas. The real "California Kid" coupe. The photo on the bottom is Pete Jacobs, Ed Roth, Spina and Pete Chapouris . . . (California Kid is peeking on the left)

Mike Kidd

Hats off for running the dirt track program successfully this year. I think former racers do a better job than pencil pushers in the AMA. Morehead did a great job too . . . Thank You !

Two are better than One

Willard's dual engine shovelhead street bike. He fired it up for me. It sounds like a single engine when it's running - since they run with each other perfectly. After many trials and tribulations with this . . . he said it cruises around great. And gets lots of looks of coarse.

I likey . . .

Another 2 into 1 . . . I don't know . . . but, I dig it !
A reverse megaphone type-o-deal . . .
Cool seat . . .
Motor mounts . . .
Paint . . .

Ready for Atco, Lions, Fontana . . . etc.

When do they open?

Arlen Ness Bridge

Our little town had it's historic suspension walking bridge destroyed by a flood a couple years ago. The city council voted to replace it with this thing (open last week) at a cost of about $4 million dollars.
Arlen would be proud.

Quality Service

. . . is hard to find.