Friday, December 19, 2014

Margaret Wilson

This last summer, Margaret passed away.  She lived an incredible life in the ratings of us motorcycle enthusiasts.  She was in her 90s, but rode motorcycles for like 70 years.  That's a long time.  I can only hope to ride bikes for that long.  The Motor Maids (which she was a member) sure got their money's worth with Margaret.  She was like Leo Payne's step-mother too.  I'm sure she gave him motherly advice along the way.
Whenever I saw her, I'd say "Hey Margaret !" and she'd tell me some stories, and it was a real treat to talk with her.  Margaret (and her husband Mike) are one of Iowa's greatest motorcycling hall-of-famers - and real nice people too . . . (see previous post June 2012 on the Wilsons)

KHK Drag Bike

. . . with a 5" stroke.  It must have went good - evidenced by the trophies.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

OPEN 24 Hours

Unless there's a Bike Show or Car Show . . .
or just ANCHOR !

Race Only

New decals !

Forty Niner

These cases were just black with oil and dirt.  After soaking, cleaning, bead blasting and washing in hot water - they are beautiful.  I don't think they need a single heli-coil? . . . but, left-side race was bad - and the pinion side got lapped for oversize rollers.  The case is currently set-up to lap Left Race to standard rollers.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Panhead & Shovelhead Head Bolts For Sale

Old School Panhead (and Shovel) head bolts for sale . . . I have (10 each) full set of Acorns.  I have another (5 each) of the Cap-Nut style.  Maybe you need some for your retro pan build ?  $25 shipped.

Drilled Motor Mounts

XLR Fender

Mark Williams: Norton Factory Team

  #70 Mark Williams
All three of these racers (Morrison, Hateley and Williams)
had success in their racing careers.
But, I'd like to note that Williams led the AMA GNC Points 
for the first few months of the 1976 season -
against the likes of Springsteen, Scott and Aldana.

Williams crashed soon after in his career and was unfortunately paralyzed from the waist down for the remainder of his life.  However, it didn't really slow him down much, since he drove boats, snowmobiles and was an excellent remote control airplane operator.  He passed away in 2012, but Mark remains a legend in motorcycle flat track racing history.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Tom Fugle @ Mooneyes Japan 2014

I just wanted to say(for 2014) it's pretty cool Tom built a bike for Born Free, went to Japan, got recognized for all his talent and work he's done in his life.  His close friends already knew this - they already knew Tom was a special guy, but we wouldn't have known (or at least I wouldn't have know it) I just knew Tom from the swap meets and bike shows as a kid, that knew Tator - who bought and sold parts and had a chopper, etc.  Then, Jeff Wright met Tom and showed us all pictures of Tom and his talent - and it just kinda snowballed for the rest of us.  I mean Tom is really an artist who does his own thing, and does it uniquely well.  All that practice and fine tuning of his skills takes work and dedication. - Heck, by the time we get to be his age - we might not even be into bikes, or have so many aches and pains we won't feel like doin' nothin'..... but, Tom is still goin' and it gives me inspiration to do something and keep creating things - and keep building stuff - and honing my own talents.  Thanks Tom Fugle.

1961 KR

At least it's got a '61 XLCH tank on it.  This rider, Mike Long, sure has the perfect build for a flat-track racer.  Solid dude with crop haircut, nerves of steel and a winning attitude.  Mike and his wrench, (Hale Klapper) were a winning combination at tracks in Kansas and Oklahoma in the early 1960s.  Mike Long earned National Number 54.  His rides were powered by BSA and H-D. That trophy is huge !  Great photo.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Forrest sells his KH . . .

The top photo is a guy named Forrest.  He's was only the 2nd owner of this KH(1960-2014) Forrest owned this bike all those years - and he just sold it to a guy who wanted it pretty bad.  The new owner (Dave) got the motorcycle all prepped and it runs now (lower photo).  This motorcycle is so sweet.  You have to commend Forrest for keeping it all these years, even if it wasn't perfect and running.  Sometimes I wonder why a man who's owned a rusty old motorcycle or car for many years won't sell it to someone who wants to ride it - or restore it?  As I get older, I'm starting to see why.  Just because, that might be all they have?  They own a Harley-Davidson.  They own an old, classic KH.  That was real nice of Forrest to sell it.  More kudos to the seller - than the new owner for this post.  Hats off to the sellers - for without them - we wouldn't get to own any classics.


Ironhead Lower

Just like a Zippo Lighter: You can rebuild it !  That's the beauty of the early Harley-Davidson engine design which has "serviceable" parts.  Races that can be honed oversize and fitted with new oversize bearing rollers, bushings that can be replaced.  Cylinders with enough material to bore for oversize pistons.  The motors can be put back to service and run again and again.  We honed the original rod races (round again) and fitted +.001 rod rollers.  His crank pin was still good.  The original H-D crank pin - not pitted, still measured standard size.  We fitted new wrist pin bushings, reamed, then precision honed for a light press pin fit at 70 degrees(temp).   

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gold Mags Are In . . . .

Photo by: C.D.

 Copeland's builds are innovative and functional.  Solid.
One of my favorite bikes . . . and it looks like one
of those "single fire" mag deals - I've heard they work !

Monday, December 8, 2014

Bud's Cases

I've been sanding and scotch brighting these cases for a couple days now.  The "machined look" will really pop on these . . . all he's gotta do is Scotch on 'em to make it look boss again . . . Cool Daddy-O !

35+ Hours Jammin'

You ever just put your head down and jam to get stuff done?  Forget all the bullshit.  Forget sittin' on your ass in front of the tube . . . forget all the yada yada shit and get your dirty jeans on - Lock the door, turn off your phone and start grinding, sanding, drilling, measuring - get your hands grungy, dirt in your nose, just jam.  I been jammin' about 35+ hours extra, each week, trying to get some shit done.   Pat welded up my gear cover (the front was completely broke off) and I got hours in this thing, and it still ain't done - but, it fits now.  Perfecto !   But, still jammin' . . .

Friday, December 5, 2014

Bud's XL Heads & Rods

1. Larger exhaust valves (moving seat out)
2. Rods honed for +.001 rollers
3. Wrist pin bushings reamed & honed
perfectly for his new pins . . .

Race Only

25T with special length primary chain
Aluminum Clutch Cover
XLRTT "D" Ratio Transmission Gears
Raybestos Dry Plates

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ironheads For Sale

A couple solid motors, built by my dad.  Throw some offer money at us . . . they ain't givin' no satisfaction on the bench. 

Wintertime Soups & Sandwich

I like food . . .

EZ Seat: Ironhead Bates Plate

Lower is (1/4" plate) bent at 30 degrees.  Spacers between plate and frame.  Weld top piece.  Drill & slot holes for adjustment.  Springs were too tall, so I put them in a 100 ton press and made them shorter.  Now just deburr, bevel and paint.  The seat is original Bates - "the little shit one . . . "

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Slugs & Jugs

It seems I've now bored and honed a lot of cylinders over my lifetime.  All types of pistons (cast iron cylinders).  Clearances from .001-.002 or .0015-.002 or .002-.003 or .0035 to .0045 and all types of other weird combinations.  The bigger the piston, the more clearance, unless it's made of bla bla bla bla . . . there are so many different combinations of materials, sizes and finish.  It's really a delicate balance.  Get the bore straight and the correct surface finish (60 degree cross hatch) . . . It's the most important part of the motorcycle engine(of any engine) - it's this cylinder and piston combination that endures the heat, the speed, the force, the fuel, the oil, the wear . . . it makes the power.  If overlooked and not done correctly - performance and reliability will suffer.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Leo Payne Tribute - from UK

I found this pick from Patrick (UK) and his mate from Scotland - built this lil' dragger with ball-bearings and goodies in the spirit of Leo Payne.  Really neato . . . but that carb is way way too dinky.  It needs the MG or GAL fuel guzzler.  I guess it doesn't really matter if it's perfect or not - I like: "the thought that counts."

A point:  You can never recreate history.  It never has the same power or glory.  But, if you can get a small glimpse or feeling of being there that day . . . the rush.  The sense of that Sportster hitting the rpms - the sound - the pull.  It's quite worth it - I know.  Makes life worth living - and you get a hint of what it was like to ride like Leo.  At least in his younger years, before he rewrote the record book and made the rest of us just an enthusiast.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fins of Iron

I picked up a KHK motor.  One cylinder has broken cooling fins, so I've been die grinding (to score) and breaking fins off a Sportster cylinder head - and reshaping.  Then "the Master" can try to attach new fins and recreate the glory of this Side Valve, 55", 888cc flat head street stomper !

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bud's Ironhead

How do you like my "patented" engine power washing system?   
Well, my friend (let's call him Bud) has wanted me to go through his motor - it needed it.
- piston on backward
- sunk in valves
- pinion nut was off (holy shit!)
- stripped threads
- no primary chain tension spring (holy shit!)
- wrong gear cover gasket (holy shit!)
The incorrect gasket was blocking a vital oil passage - so the oil was just barely seeping through and it's amazing this thing didn't blow up.  It also has Q Cams (ha ha) which are possibly the lowest performance cams ever produced for a Sporty.  A broken cooling fin, peeling chrome . . . We'll make it a runner !

Fun with 1 Shot

When the world is lost, totally gone - with but one lonely soul . . .
They'll still have art.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ebay XLR

Hell, if I owned this thing, I'd never sell it.  
Some people just don't get it.
. . . and if you don't have more than
13 grand - You don't get this either.