Thursday, July 24, 2014

Elmer Trett's First Real Drag Bike

This bike is so neat.  Damn.  When I saw this picture, I just had to copy it.  So cool.  Hey Wiley, What type of cams are those???  I can't make out the brand.  Sweet bike.
'68 or '69 CH
Gas, Alcohol, Stroked, Dytch'd
XLR pipes
Struts, Cable Tach, fender chopped . . .
Buddy seat bracket to hold you on . . . ! 

Throw it in the truck and drive up to Cedar Rapids, Iowa . . .
run around - lookin' for some guy named Payne?

#14 Hank Scott . . . and some Black Hills history

The races and rally in Sturgis, SD could be one of the most important aspects in the history of two wheels in America.  In a way, it brought the Midwestern US motorcycle enthusiasts together.  Racers from the coasts first traveled to national events starting in Dodge City, Kansas.  This let the "coasts" know these midwest boys could ride.  The unique racing aspect of the Black Hills is the altitude and the dirt itself.  The tuning of carburetor jetting, traction and suspension set a level playing field.  Local riders often beat seasoned pros.  I always go see a race.  Support the fearless men who can throw that bike sideways in unfamiliar territory.  This year an AMA National comes back to Rapid City.  If mother nature can just hold off her weather for a week . . . ?

Photo Above:  Corky Keener(62) on the outside of this cushion, loose track (note the dirt streak on his shield from his own front wheel) as the one and only, Hank Scott(14) sets up early for the straight.  You can see Aldana(10) in the back struggling with his set-up . . . too little - too late.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So you want to build an FXR . . . ?

It's harder than it looks.  Years ago we had a guy cut the box (backbone) out and weld in a different tube, change the rake (using the proper ratios of trail, etc.) and a local welder and fabricator did it all up and it worked great.  Handled well . . . a great handling custom FXR chassis.  It was the first FXR in the area that anyone dared to do any frame modifications to - and he kinda proved it could be done successfully.

Here you go.  Make about 25 copies of this - Use a scale: 1/4" = 2" or something . . . and draw up some different designs for that custom FXR you always wanted.  OR - just go with the design H-D engineers spent countless days and nights, trials and errors, testing . . . with a track record of proven customers from Arlen Ness to The Hell's Angels that said, "The FXR is the best handling Harley the factory ever built." . . .  and leave it stock.  It ain't easy, or everyone would do it.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Milwaukee Vibes

Vibration can be determined with the formula:  Acceleration in Meters per Second Squared.  Different speeds, Variable RPM = Variable Waves of Frequency = Variable Swear Words . . . "Damn, my pinky fingers are numb ! "  McFarland made me up these stainless handlebar vibration dampeners to smooth out very fine vibrations.  The O-rings keep them snug - The threaded holes are for removal.  Weight is 7.75 oz. each . . . According to my calculations? - (yet to be tested)  Slick Daddy- O !

I dig Funnel Cakes . . . and Chops !

Iowa is the place to be in summer.  County fairs are mega fun.  I like the animals best.  My friend Brent has great band called the Pork Tornadoes . . . and there musta been 5000 people in Solon to party party party . . . A great time was had by all.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I guess . . .

 . . . if I have to pick a Shovelhead.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jeremiah Armenta

Love Cycles - Phoenix, AZ
 . . . in his younger days - I always dug this knuckle !

Johnny Winter can make it look so easy . . .

Texas brings out the best of blues . . .
He never got rich - royalties passed him by . .
But who really cares?
 This guy could play a guitar - so damn good.
Thanks Johnny !  
You made a huge mark on music.

Image Re-Evaluation . . .

I'm thinking about changing my "look" . . . my image.  The Question Is????  WITH or WITHOUT the Ray Bans . . . ?

and I threw in a photo of the walleye this guy caught at 7:35am this morning while I stood at the Main Street Dam drinking my coffee.  This fish hit real weird.  His (nightcrawler) line just sort of pulled real slow, like a carp or a sucker fish.  He slowly pulled his pole back and it was hooked - and there was really not much fight in the fish until he got it hoisted up the side of the bridge . . . then the thing went nuts and bit his finger really good - the blood on the fish is from the guy's thumb . . . ouch dude. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More Testing & Tuning . . .

I've been tuning my S&S Super E Carb.  I swapped out the (28) Intermediate for the (29.5).  I warmed up the motor and readjusted the fuel screw.  1. Turn in fuel screw until it starts to kill the engine and back it out carefully until it runs smooth, and the idle picks up and stop there. 2. Readjust your idle.  3. Take away some accelerator pump and blip the throttle - give it just enough where it doesn't hesitate (you all know this). I actually like a bit less acc. pump then needed - more of a "roll on" response, so I'm not shooting unwanted fuel due to the inefficiency of these panheads.   I swapped the (50)Intermediate Air Bleed for a (48) and this will let the Main Jet(70) come in a little quicker - or sooner.  I see a lot of guys run a 72 Main in their motors, but I need some economy - and decent performance is all I ask.

I went for a road test.  80 degrees F.  Sunny.  I noticed right off as I run along with light traffic in 3rd gear - when I roll open the throttle - this thing takes off.  It starts pulling much better now - even with a tall (25T) transmission sprocket.  In high gear I'm now running about 60-62mph - so I opened her up - and it pulled hard to 75mph.  Oh yes - this is what I want !   No spits. No coughs.  Just my pipes startin' to sing - and that Sifton 412 making things happen like it's supposed to be . . . This chopper is pretty cut down in weight compared to a stock 1952 FL.  I have a lot less weight.  Still running the big, heavy flywheels - so once I get her rolling - it's down the road I go.   Creeps right up the hills too . . . Now I just need a good rain shower for a wet weather test to see if I got it fixed.  

I've christened this motorcycle a "female personality" since she likes to be treated with respect like every girl - and I know if I treat her right - we'll have many many good times together.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fun stuff at Sturgis this year . . .

Some folks like it, some folks don't . . . but one thing is for sure - You have to know how to "do" Sturgis - or you won't have any fun at all.   The ride out (2 lanes only) take a couple - there's no hurry, ain't nothing there yet anyway but all the others that just sprinted out there.  You want to be there around early Sunday afternoon - not really any sooner.  The Michael Lichter "Built for Speed Show" is cool - and I like to go to the party, since it's a good place to hook up with everyone, plans for the week.  The Horse Chopper Show is a good one too. Go on Michael's "Ride" - awesome.  This year we got drag racing (vintage and pro) - Pro Dirt Track, Gypsie Dirt Track, Pro and Gypsie Hill Climb, all kinds of great FREE music at Easyriders Saloon and The Knuckle Saloon - and don't forget the Sidehack . . . and for you 1am-2am later nighters - I'll see you at The Oasis & Fireside.  Take a day or two and ride in the hills, Spearfish Canyon, Rochford . . . Nemo.  They even have a decent motorcycle swap meet . . . so go try and make a deal with Randy.  Competition Distributing is a must stop (log building on Lazelle St. curve).  Don't hang on Main too much.  I get a good breakfast, skip lunch(or a cold brew), and a groovy dinner. It's a long ride, but it's a fun time - something different every year if you look for it.  Grab a buddy and head out Need a nice camping spot . . . for people who stay up late and sleep in: Creekside is the place . . . or Hog Heaven is you're an early riser (bands nightly too.)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Test & Tune Day

I worked on my bike late Sat evening - and again on Sunday morning (sunny skies now).  I cleaned the carb, the accelerator pump rubber was warped lookin' so I replaced it.  I found an old, cheesy air cleaner in my swap meet stash.  I call it the "Kurpius Edition" 'cause he runs one - and they must work, right?  I modified the Bendix-style back plate to work with my Super E, shined it up, and bought $1.99 ea button heads from the local Ace hardware store.  I made a new foam filter element.
I checked my timing, point gap - and reset everything.  Checked my pushrods again.  I went and got some fresh fuel and decided to take a test ride out to the annual "Fly-In-Breakfast" at the airport.

As I look at all these airplanes with multiple magnetos, multiple fuel tanks, frail looking parts, chips and scratches, etc . . . How do they keep everything going?  I'm having a hard enough time with my one carburetor and my wheels on the ground.  The planes just kept coming and going.  Rides for $20 - they finally had to cut off the rides due to over-popularity.  The pancakes were excellent !
I gassed up and hit the road again.  My chopper is runnin' good now.  A few spits out the carb at mid-range speeds tells me I could go one bigger on the intermediate jet (28 to a 29.5).  Usually rain or high humidity likes a leaner mixture - so, this change could make it run even worse in the wet?  Won't know til' I try it.  I journey though the towns of Floyd, down to Greene, thru Packard(photo above), down to Clarksville, then Plainfield (ride through the campground) - and back up to Nashua.  Everything is just golden.  This thing is rippin' - grabbin' gears - just Jammin !   I decide to stop at the Charles City Car Show . . .
This show is always good.  A variety of really nice cars in this area . . . and the hamburgers are really great too . . . A perfect day in Iowa.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Air Density . . . ?

The '52 has been running perfect.  Starts great, good power, lean jetting (but not very good economy) about 30mpg???  But, like I said, runs great !  I've been excited about the Full Tilt Show for about 2 years now.  I called Pete on Friday, "I'll see ya dude."   I just purchased new Nelson Rigg rain gear to replace my 20 year old Hein Gericke suit.  Saturday am (it's raining - not real hard) - I suit up in full gear just as it stops raining.  By the time I fueled and hit the road - I was so hot in this thing - like a sauna in there.  The sun popped out - but darker skies ahead.  As this foggy shit developed - my chopper starts this slight "surging shit" . . . and I can run about 70-73mph (speeding) and dangerous.  Or I can run about 50.  I make it about 35 miles.  Shit - what's wrong with the piece o' shit ????  I'm pissed.  I fuck with it, take off the air cleaner - try it again - nothing better.  I decide to go back home.  All the while I'm thinking.  All the things it could be.  I get back and I change the air bleed and put a few different jets in my pocket.  All my electrical is checked - it's all dry.
I take off again (nice weather, kinda sunny even) - and as soon as I get about 50 miles away - I run into heavier rain - and it starts doing it again.  Now I could give a shit.  I'm telling myself I'm fucking done with motorcycles.  This sucks.  I'm taking up some different hobbies.  I've done all I can do with motorcycles - I'm burnt out - I'm tired - I don't care anymore - I feel I'm wasting my time with this crap when I could be doing something that would benefit mankind.  I turn around - again.  I'm pissed.  As I ride back at 50mph - I start thinking about my ironhead Sportsters.  The black '64 would run rings around this panhead.  Those ironheads are bad-ass motors - and I should have built an ironhead chopper instead - Here we go again.

Friday, July 11, 2014

2014 Full Tilt Shopper Show

These guys put on one of the best bike shows !
All the cool cats show up . . .
 . . . and a few pit bulls.
Rain or Shine.
Healthy or Slightly Injured . . .
Come share the love . . .
of Choppers !

Dave Polgreen Crash

Holy crap - I just got a photo that Dave blew a tire and lost it.  Broke his foot and hand, but he'll be ok.  Bike a little beat up.  Remember, motorcycles can be dangerous, and we just keep on riding 'cause we love it . . . Our wishes go out to Dave from Iowa for his speedy recovery.  He wears his protective gear for a reason.  We bike dudes are getting older, and we don't heal as fast anymore.  Get well soon and don't worry - you'll be back soon. 
Respectfully,  Noot

1969 XLCH on SALE

If you want to build a lil' hot-rod rigid retro Ironhead . . . here's a start. 
No battery needed, a couple wires and you got a clean digger that will take you wherever you want to go.  This motor has original, matching cases and was a local trade in.   
Here's what she's got:
Fresh lower end, bearings and rollers
Line lapped, matching flywheels, trued assembly
New standard bore (9:1 comp) cylinders & pistons
Nice set of tight heads - no broken fins
Solid transmission - new needle bearings
Real nice motor for your project
All it really needs is a chrome kicker cover.
The rockers are chrome and pitted a little, and the back one has a dug out spot, but the rocker arms fit so good we wanted to use them.  Clear serial number - Bill of Sale included.
Note: If you look at the history of these 900 ironheads, 
the '68 and '69 CHs were hot little buggers - the fastest ones to date . .
$2500 talk to me . . .

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Joe makes his own brushes . . .

Don't let those squirrels go to waste.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oelwein Car Show by the lake . . .

 Coolest Car (Fastback) at the show . . .
 Best Interior (Buick Riviera)
Best Overall Vibe 
(70s Charger, Keystones, Sunburst Decal)
and a gal born in 1970 !

Trying to use my brain . . .

McFarland made me a new longer precision center so I can check run-out on short parts.  I've got a 60s Sporty motor of Polgreen's that we're rebuilding from parts.  I picked out the nicest lookin' set of flywheels and started checking each 1/2 for run-out like I always do.  The left (sprocket-side wheel) had like +.025-.030 run-out on the face.  The shaft itself was dead nuts perfect.  I popped it apart, and it didn't really have the right key . . . but, the tapers looked ok.  We tried it with the new key, but still has +.025.  I mean zero run-out would be nice, but Lakeshore H-D says +.007 is acceptable way out on the face.  ABOVE PHOTOs:  We even checked the shaft flange and the nut for run-out.  If you think about it . . . if the nut was off, it could possibly "kink" or pull the shaft possibly.  Diagnosis:  Shaft ok - Taper in flywheel is damaged or just machined wrong.  We checked out his other set of flywheels, and they are much better, +.005 before we trued each 1/2 - we'll use those.  Maybe all that run-out wouldn't make much of a difference, but it would probably wear out your Timken prematurely, or vibrate at certain speeds, or just be a mutt of a motor with not much power.
Just keepin' old Harley's alive . . . everyday.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hot in the shop . . .

Last night I went back to boring cylinders.  Plenty of work for a guy who was gonna take the summer off.  Blown up Sportster engines, cases full of bead blast, broken cases, etc.  I like it when it's hot & muggy.  Fan blowin' on you.  Dickies work shorts, apron, pen in the pocket . . . the smell of honing oil, cast iron dust, heat, sweat, old grease.  Like walking into the machine shop at NAPA.  I hand formed an aluminum weld with my variety of carbide cutters as the oil-less compressor hummed away.  Cutting aluminum, keep it slow or moderate.  Smooth out the rough stuff with a disk . . . Makin' dreams become reality over here.  Somebody's gotta do it - nobody wants to work on this shit anymore.  Some days - I can see why.

Thanks to Good People

My friend Lil' Joe (Las Vegas) pictured right, is always blown away by our "mid-west hospitality" out here.  He was riding his FXR with my other friend (Denny) up north around Duluth/Superior on a holiday get-a-way . .  a couple hundred miles away.  His front pulley shucked out - leavin' the trusty FXR stranded.  He called me & Noot, he called Pat . . . he ended up being picked up by the local H-D dealership . . . and they didn't want to mess with it (who knew?).   But, this cool cat named Terry at his local shop Color & Chrome got him all fixed up.  They showed some concern to a worried out-o-towner - and that made all the difference.  Terry and crew got him back on the road with confidence - that there's good people out there to help.  So here's the shout-out Joe wanted me to give to COLOR & CHROME of Superior, Wis.  Good Job and we sure appreciate all the help !

A Real Drag Bike . . .

Saturday - July 12th
Night of Fire - Cedar Falls Raceway

Summer Salad Italiano

Bruschetta Antipasto by Cheryl !  Mama Mia !

Monday, July 7, 2014

How to do flames . . .

Whoever did the flame layout and paint on the above tank did a way cool job !

Drag Racing

This is awesome . . . always great racing at Sturgis with
excellent pit access - right on the starting line !

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Forever and Back Again: The Last Part

When the day is done - I'll have traveled about 235 miles.  Goin' solo has it's advantages, like stopping when you want, exploring different roads, meeting people.  I've noticed when you are in a group, people won't approach you as often.  Solo, a greater chance of a question - leading to conversation.  At this point in my trip I decided to get on the freeway for the last 20 miles.  Right foot up on the forward steel peg - Left foot back on the Drag Specialties vintage chopper 3-hole peg I mounted off the primary inspection cover.  I made a steel plate backing for support on the inside, and mounted the peg through the center of the cover.  It's not gonna take a lot of weight, but it gives my knee a rest.  I took my left hand off the handlebar, and leaned my elbow just above my knee - and put my hand under my chin . . . I look like that "thinking man monkey statue" that was popular in the 70s.  Smooth as glass.  The pipes have that panhead whirring you can only get from a pan at highway speeds.  It's a unique sound.  A whine, the solids snapping away almost like a roulette wheel spun at 3 times it's normal speed.  I can see in my mirror a late model Ford pickup slowly catching me.  My mirror is so clear, I can see the faces on the driver, and passengers.  I see the passenger side window going down (crew cab) . . . what are they going the throw something at me????  I keep my speed as they just hang back in the left lane - about 10 yards from my tail pipes.  I hate it when people do this - it's the passing lane.  So pass.  Pass me asshole.  A couple more miles go, so I decide to let up on my speed slightly - and they get the hint and come up beside me.  "Hey man . . . whew, hey" - (with thumbs up signs and heads hangin' out the windows . . . "Go man - I LIKE YOUR BIKE - RIGHT ON . . . " A couple crazy-hair teens (one with pink hair) and driver who resembles Janis Joplin.  Probably mom?  A weird combination with California license plates.  They finally pass.  I wanted to yell back, "I like my bike too, I built it all myself, but it's not the greatest for traveling, and I'm taking the next exit, 'cause it's my town . . . and I'm glad to be home.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Forever is a Mighty Long Time . . . . No. 4

Word has it from a bystander with a fancy phone that a band of storms is movin' in slowly from the west.  It's now 1pm.  The '52 fires 1st kick ,  With a little studder jump - I kick my leg over the center of the seat (too high to go over my pack), get situated on my Hummer seat, rocker the clutch, jam it back to low - and try to negotiate a tight "left hand U-turn" with foot on clutch and lots of people close - and lots of eyes watching.  I try to concentrate on what I'm doing and not everyone looking at me.  Careful.  I make it - and pull out into traffic - hit all gears perfect, down the blacktop, past lines and lines of bat-wing fairings waiting anxiously to get in there and get some free head wraps, stickers and magazines.  Maybe they want to buy one of those throttle-jockey wrist carpal tunnel deals????  I'm on the road again - but need fuel.  Clouds are swirling, wind at my back this time.  The pipes sound better.  I can see out my mirror now.  I pull into a small town and up to the only petro pump in town just as these hippy lookin' dudes climb out of Chevy Van Dura with slots on the front, Cragars on the back.  Swipe my card for fuel and push a bunch of buttons with the labels worn off.  The pump runs slow - 1.5 gal.  I see the dudes pointing and curious.  I've got my helmet on - and they don't know there's an almost 50 year old with grayin' hair under there that's needs an Advil.  Asked for a receipt, didn't get one.  1st kick, I hit some sand, squeal a little (more like a chirp), hit all the gears - all while the dudes watched.  Perfect.  I feel really good now.  This chopper shit is gettin' better - this is kinda fun.  All the way just stayin' ahead of these pissed off appearing clouds.  I pass a bar with a CB550, a Yamaha chopper, a golf cart and a super motard.  I wanted to stop, back in, and take a picture - but I had to keep going since my rain pants have the crotch ripped out and a big rip by the knee - and it's buried.  I still have a little hesitation sometimes between 2nd & 3rd.  I'm running a 28 intermediate 50 air bleed and a 70 main - kinda lean - but too fat and I get the straight pipe babble - even with my anti-reversion deals in there. 
For now I'm full on fuel - in high gear with 25 tooth sprocket and pointed north - Winning.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Forever . . . Part No. 3

So now I'm a bit fatigued after only 50+ miles.  How am I going to ride this thing 650 to Sturgis?  It started 1st kick.  I tach'd it up and hit all the gears perfect.  I discovered part of my tension, aches & pains is nerves.  If I just relax, sit back and ride it with a lil' aggression - I'm better off.  Now I'm on a mission to Wileys - and Anamosa for free food at the J&P open house.  There's nothing for me at J&P except the free food.  It's thousands of people on H-D Ultras, FLHXs and Plast-a-Glides.  It's all pimp daddys, chrome, big wheels, over-stuffed bikes with fuzzy shit.  It's not my scene, but I will be a scene on this chopper.  Shit tied on, the bare essentials, my weathered jacket and my weathered jeans with holes and oil stains.  The red grease rag shop towel hangin' out my back pocket.  No barbed wire tattoo (isn't that the one that really brands you?)  The barbed wire one?  Well . . .  I got there.  It was just like I thought.  Cops with orange flashlights directing cars this way - bikes this way.  They sent all the bikes out in the field, but for me - I wasn't doing it.  Fuck that.  My nimble '52 chopper whipped a U-turn and I snuck into a tight spot under a shady tree, on a bed of deep grass.  Perfect parking spot which was unattainable if you rode a giant 2014 Ultra with momma on the back.  No way.  I reaped the benefits and rewards for riding a small bike to this gathering of fuzz.  I stretched out, strolled around, got an Andrews Cams Banner, some Jim's information - a nice lady at S&S gave me a free shirt since she found out I rode a panhead, and I told her my dad still had a box with an S&S address on it from Blue Island, IL (the first location) - so that was cool.  I ate free on All State Insurance - and gave a dollar donation for a couple ice waters.  Walked back to my bike where I got plenty of stares - when finally a skinny. ol' gal (who was on break from a food vendor) came over.  "My husband died years ago, but my best memories are from our motorcycle trips on his panhead.  This is just like he had it - never liked high handlebars.  I couldn't take too much, but we washed out clothes in the motel laundry.  One year we rode to Montana, Wyoming, Colorado - and we had to carry extra gas - due to the gas wars.  The stations all closed - hard to find gas.  We carried a can with us.  One thing - do it while you can - it's no good to look back.  Glad we did it - You ride safe son.  Ride safe."

Monday, June 30, 2014

Took Forever, Part No. 2

So after 6 coffees (Smiley kept filling me up as he picked my brain about motorcycle electrics) the chopper started on the first kick and I hit the road again.  Stopped for fuel - took 1.2 gallons.  No leaks.  The clouds are swirling, wind comin' again so hard it's moving me around in my own lane.  Jacked up my speed to 65 on this two-lane-blacktop - I felt my Avon Speedmaster push a bit on some slippery white road paint as I accelerated off a high bank curve.  These up-sweeps are so loud - I wear those soft, yellow foam earplugs. Suddenly, it got louder still - I thought my pipe fell off, but it was my earplug squeezed it's way outta my right ear.  I know it's loud 'cause birds, bats, cats all take cover when they hear me coming.  Cattle seem annoyed too.  It sounds ok to me with the earplugs - like a small block Chevy with low gears and thrush mufflers.  At every stop & go, or turn . . . I try and shift smoothly - no grinding, no revving.  A jockey shift is not a ratchet shift.  The handle moves back for 1st, then forward for all other gears - and the handle stays where the gear is - so, high gear is all the way forward.  You reach down and forward to downshift from highway speeds.  You have to look at the road, not where the shift handle is.  You gotta "feel" for it.  Often times you grab a handful of air.  You can feel the shifter clutches engage.  You learn when to shift at the correct rpm - at the correct speed.  It's tricky.  I'm also dealing with a little shutter, or headshake on acceleration and deceleration when I remove my hand from the left handlebar to shift.  I tightened my Timken neck bearings a bit more and it helped - but it's still there - most likely due to an ill rake & trail factor mathematically.  I was about 5 miles from my next gas stop and I pulled out on a downside of a long, rolling hill to pass a semi.  The rpms came up and you could feel the main jet come in - just as the Sifton 412 started to pull.  It was awesome.  That roller bottom-end pan just kept pullin' . . . smooth as glass.  After 57 miles, I stopped in Brandon for 87 octane, yuk.  It took 1.5 gallons.

Seems Like It Took Forever - Part No. 1

Everything today is short, and quick.  Fast.  Hurry up, one day only, I need it by tomorrow, I need it now.  I started out my day on the chopper on the road in heavy wind.  7:30am, swirly clouds, damp spots, hot and cool areas.  High speed air was creepin' through my face shield with a small air whistle that was landing on the edge of my right nostril. Tickled and annoying at the same time.  If I turned my head slightly, the pitch would change, and if I looked to the side, the wind was strong enough, my tinted shield wanted to pop open.  I felt like a guy with a cheap helmet tryin' to go 180 on his sportbike.  I experimented with different angles of my head to get in a quiet zone.  This blacktop surface freeway I'm on - doin' about 68mph has these whoops in it I'm dealing with too.  Dips, humps and the "bridge on" and "bridge off" deals.  Anticipating the bump with a 1" raise off the seat delivers a double-bump that can send you straight up with your legs extended, looking down at the front tire - that's not good.  My knees hurt trying to keep myself in a safe position.  Move up, move back - cocked sideways - I've gone about 10 miles.  I start checking some things.  I reach out and touch my Bates headlight which is bolted to a block of steel I have welded to the lower tree.  It's quiet - no vibration.  I start feelin' around and find no vibrations from the gas tank, air cleaner, primary, reach back for the sissy bar (with my loaded pack) Nothing.  This thing is smooth as glass.  The '52 pan, pistons jumpin' up & down, wishbone pointed south - handlebars?  Just let go and she's straight.  I'm moving around like a monkey, feet up, feet back - fidgety.  I pull in for coffee at Smiley's after about 26 miles.  Rocker clutch, find neutral on the grabber - kill it with my feeler gauge at the mag.  Get off - shut off fuel.  Turn off key (for lights).  Open shield, take off prescription eye wear.  Take off helmet.  Take off gloves.  Kick jiffy stand ahead to lock.
Look up, and Smiley opens the door from his used car dealership.  Good Morning Ricky !

Friday, June 27, 2014

Born Free 6 builds . . .

From Matt Walksler's Indian, The SM(Speed Merchant) build, Bobby The Leg riding his entry out over 2500 miles !  Paul Cox this year . . . it's shaping up as a real good year as usual for this event.  I end up gettin' to see many of the bikes up close eventually . . . but, it ain't the same as being there.  Ricky, Shea and Polgreen can give me all the details later . . . so cool dudes.  Loads of talent just come pouring out.