Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sonny Boy Paint

I like this Winged Wheel by Sonny Boy Paint.  It would make a neat tattoo right up your left arm Good Luck and safe travels to all the Born Free "riders and travelers" headed west to the big show. 

Caswell Tank Sealer

I'll seal this tank (even though it doesn't leak yet).  Always a good idea to drain fiberglass tanks when not-in-use . . .

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Thanks Dale Walksler . . .

Dale Walksler
I know you've see him on TV, and you know his Wheels Through Time Museum.  I first met Dale at the Springfield Mile, he was pushin' Resweber's blue & white KR up on the stage and we talked flat track and K models.  I think he still lived in southern Illinois then?  I see him at Davenport every once in awhile.  He's always cool to me (he doesn't even really know me, or who I am) and I can call him with a question - and he helps me out, or reinforces what I already think is correct.  I really appreciate a guy with knowledge of old Harley engines that's nice enough to take your call, share knowledge and answer a question.  I talked to him recently, and he gave me good advice on a 1934 VL engine I'm learning about.  Keep up the good work, (and like Kevin Baas always says) "May the vintage bike addiction run in your soul."  . . .  or something like that . . .

Monday, June 20, 2016

Harley KHK Racer

I had a total of one-hour to mess with my KHK project.  Time management is important if you want to get your work done . . . especially when you have a father's day get-together, Greene River Days, lawn mowing, workin' on your friend's motors, etc.
Got the front-end set up.  20wt PJ-1.  Lowered for proper height.  Centered.  Tightened.  NOS 35mm Target Fork Stops.  Betor (Made-in-Spain)
Mock up exhaust pipes . . . pretty cool huh?  

Intake adapter (for a Danny Delorto PHM or Sudco Mikuni flat-slide)
Left peg mount.  Steel spacers.  Hopefully strong enough for a Size 14 Fox boot with steel shoe?
 Still a long way to go . . . All the little stuff.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


My 30 yr. old plastic magneto cap (vintage Drag Specialties, Mpls) didn't leak any water during the torrential downpours we had here this week.  The river is up.  The sun is out.  Get on Two Wheels !

Panheads Are Junk

I had a tappet roller fail after about 5000 miles. All the little needle rollers came out, almost destroyed my new cam, had to clean out the oil pump and cam chest, etc.  Lucky I caught it early - Got it all fixed and back together, cruisin' around town - and I get blown off the road by some kind of sport bike with a nice sounding pipe.  Then I notice my broken rear spokes, brake dragging . . . and all I can think of is RC51s, ZX14s, big, fat Suzukis with Japanese writing on the lowers that go 175+ (I like those goldish orange ones) . . . but, I just cringe with the thought of taking anything to a dealership to spend money to get my fuel injection (or my computer) fixed.  I just like bikes and can't stop.

Can I do this ?

Can I hook my brake-return-spring way over on that "other" hole?  This NOS spring just doesn't have enough pull to return my shoes away from the drum when attached in the stock location.  It drags for a few wheel rotations.  If I ride like 2 miles and decelerate, and slow down without really using my rear brake, and feel the drum, it's cold.  But if I whip it in the driveway, hard braking, shut off the bike - and push it, I can feel it drag kinda on the rear for about 10-20 feet.  I've determined the spring can't hit anything . . . and it's got more pulling pressure.  Hmmmm?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Joe Hunt Magneto Products: My Opinion

I read a comment recently from a "fairly reputable" custom bike builder's reference to all Joe Hunt Magneto Products being "totally junk" . . . and I disagree with him.  It made me think a bit less of his abilities. I mean, the products are good - from my experience.  Maybe not idiot-proof, but what aftermarket part isn't?  Hunt has a niceand solid, aluminum bearing top plate(with bigger screw bosses so you can't strip the threads as easy), I've used their long(FL type) base on many Fairbanks Morse heads . . . the points are decent.  The condensers have great MF ratings (which we tested) at 25mf (whereas the Morris only had 21) . . . but, I guess if you're a good wrench, and know about timing and spark and look at what you're doing.  I've got many many miles on Joe Hunt products.  All my bikes get ridden.  I own 6+ motorcycles with magnetos - and all have some different type of Joe Hunt Product.  My buddy has a Morris wind-up "cheater" auto-mag deal on his bike, and it's sorta big.  It works, but it don't start like my stuff.  I'll soon help him get it better, but it's just big - and the original Fairbanks Morse head looks cleaner, and not so billet lookin'..  A Joe Hunt mag on this project Iron XR works perfectly.  The Sifton (I know, "quality again") copper core plug wires were checked for continuity and are 100% perfect . . . I guess the more you wrench, the better you get, and you can make anything work if you know how to set it up.  You call Joe Hunt and get a voice on the phone, they'll get you a "tech" guy if needed, and they ship fast.  I like their Buzz-Box too.  I think his comments were a bit harsh . . . maybe he should just run a Dyna S ? Unless he can't get that to work - and they'll soon be "junk" too . . . My positive just canceled out his negative.

Monday, June 13, 2016

A little play . . . a little work . . .

Just me, my truck, my bike and my tent.  AMCA Viking Chapter - Minnesota Meet.  Hangin' with Bromie and Pole Cat.  Parts deliveries.  Then back home and work on ironheads . . . Ricky's motor comin' along just great.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

AMA Pro Flat Track Battle

Mees has the plate . . . Smith wants it.  Another battle for 2016 !

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ironhead Mania . . .

Ride your Ironhead to work day . . . heck, ride any bike to work day.  Cool mornings and warm afternoons.  Perfect weather for vintage scoots.  She's running smooth & sweet.  I get all hooked on these things and just want to keep going and going . . .

Full Moon Nate: Anamosa, Iowa Vintage Meet

It was a real slice hangin' with Nate, drinking exotic tea, a couple beers, selling some 45 parts . . .  
Full Moon Cycle had the coolest set up.  Tunes all day, sunshine . . . Thanks dude !
That "Guy from Wichita" tried to beat-him-up on price . . . but, Nate held steady.  Wichita got the parts, the crate, the whole 45 farm . . . Wheelin' & Dealin' . . . Nice seeing him again, all the way from the great state of Kansas !  
 . . .  on the Dytch powered early ironhead makin' a run for more ice and refreshments !

Gas Pump Boogie

Small fuel tanks mean you spend time at gas pumps.  $5.25, $5.50, $5.10, $4.98 . . . talking with people next to you . . . "Where you headed?"  "What year?"  "Nice Day . . .Beautiful Day . . . Rain Coming."  The panhead was runnin' so fine last Saturday . . . 269 miles of Iowa blacktops with vintage Bell R/T open face.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Collectible Crap

Why do people collect stuff ?  I heard a guy on American Pickers tell his wife, "I like lookin' at it . . . it makes me happy."   I just keep collecting, but I sell some stuff so other people can enjoy it for awhile too.  Then I look all over the place, trying to find it, because I forgot I sold it, or traded it.  Trading is the best, since I'd rather have something else instead of the money.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Many Irons in the Fire

Washing, cleaning, polishing . . .

8 Fin Gear Cover

Fitment.  This case half is from Panama.  It needs major renovation.  The cover has been welded, and still needs more work.  If you want an old Harley Panhead . . . it takes commitment..


Ricky's Ironhead

Big Noot got Ricky's stroker cams(V9 Andrews) all dialed in with the right case 1/2.  He accurately checked all the end-play on each camshaft from the inside with a dial indicator.  As he was goin' through the transmission, he noticed a dog missin' . . . and the missing gear dog was wedged down low, near the pawl carrier . . . this dog almost bit him ! . . . That would have been like "Ouch !"

Lucky Day: Bell Moto 3

I went with my wife to a junk-fest in small town Iowa (yawn) . . . but, I started finding cool stuff like this helmet(fits me perfect) and weird motorcycle toys . . . Kinda fun !

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Haifley Brothers

I didn't know these boys are originally from Keota, Iowa.  They have a new shop (next door to Jeremiah's Love Cycles) and it's probably one of the coolest and best-set-up custom shops I've ever seen.  I'm sorry I didn't get a picture, but I was too busy checking out all the neat hot rod builds, bikes, frame straightening, jigs, equipment . . . just the perfect shop.  I was impressed with the quality of their work . . . and their knowledge on all aspects of welding, metal shaping and customization.  Search their website, and just remember to get your work in ASAP . . . 'cause all shops that do great work, are busy, busy, busy.
Thanks again for the tour fellas . . . Respectfully, -Noot

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Arizona: A little bit of everything . . .

I did my yearly trip to Arizona to visit my son and his wife. . . see some sights, eat some food, drink a couple beers and fit in some "bike stuff" . . . fun times.
Eric at Phoenix International Raceway (just down the street)
From the Phoenix Police Museum (not good on a hot day in Phoenix)
Sunday we took a road trip to Tombstone & Bisbee . . .

Monday, I gave Eric a break, and went to work for Jeremiah.

 These heads had never been apart . . . for his Born Free build.
Plenty of projects . . .so he put me to work !
He machined and pressed steel seats on Andre's ironheads.
I got to install new guides !  I could work here !
Move to Arizona . . . hmmmmm? 
 Plenty of projects all around . . .
He's got "the muscle" for all your vintage motorcycle needs.
  . . . then Joel came by to help too.  
You may have seen his supercharged BSA at this
year's 'Builders' show in Texas ? 
A lifetime of projects awaits !

 Ice cold water - always - at Love Cycles 
It's the . . .
"The Hottest Shop in the Country"