Waffle Iron ?

Bart Markel raced this one . . .
The same owner has an XR of Rex Beauchamp's too.
Every race bike has a history.

The End of "The Build"

I see a lot of shit cobbled on motorcycles.  Especially custom-built bikes.  It's easy to start nearing-the-end of the build, and corner cutting begins to get this thing goin'.  I'm at that point now.  Struggling with fuel lines, and trying to stay on task, and DO THE SHIT RIGHT.  I want to run the original type oem solid, cadmium plated fuel lines.  (see above)
The Left Tank runs this later model (rubber seal type) seat for the fuel rod.  The large banjo fitting feeds the fuel from the Right Tank.  The caps are both vented.  Did you know early, original fatbob tanks don't have that center top crossover vent tube?  Both gas caps are vented.  I want the crossover line to sit flush without binding.  No stress.  All the sealing faces to align square and true.  No twisting when tightened.
The fuel turns on by unscrewing this knob on the Left Tank.  The rod end seats into that fitting on the bottom(previous photo) and when you pull up on the rod, it allows gas to flow to the carb.  If you pull the rod all the way(as shown) it opens up a lower hole to allow all your gas to the carb (the reserve supply).  There's no petcock on the tanks.  Turning the fuel on and off from the driver's seat, no reaching.  Just pull up the fancy chrome knob for Harley's patented: "Instant Reserve"
It acts like a giant needle & seat !  The original rod (top) is just steel.  Carl's Cycle Supply offers a special tipped rod (for improved seal and no leakage).  I lapped in my original steel unit, tested it, and it seems to seal fine.
This clear line (above) can get hard, brittle - and usually starts to crack and leak right at the fitting.  The only advantage I note - is you can see the fuel.  It's easy to melt too(don't let it touch a cylinder), etc.

The point is: Don't hurry.  Take your time and do it right.  Wait if you have to.  
Another saying I like is: "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait." 

Old Injuries Never Really Go Away(just thought I'd let you know)

I hurt my knee in an ice bike spill over 10 years ago.  It acts up, swells and hurts about every other year.  This year(2017) it's been a SOB 3 times already.  I think I'll get it looked at. 

Choppers In The Truck . . .

Hey, it's no secret that some choppers get hauled to the show.  It's best to ride your chopper, but the main thing is you get there - and you go.  We wanna see it !  You can ride the shit out of it after you get there . . . just get it there.  Do it like these boys did.  They threw 'em in the old Dodge and burned a 800+ mile round trip at 75mph . . . shit, I gave up tryin' to keep up.  Go Pat Go !
Pat's ol' man Ted is just the coolest.  It's so fortunate to have a dad that's cool.  And if for some reason you don't, be a cool dad yourself.  As I get older, it's the old dudes that mean so much. 

Pat & Ted's view . . . they have to shout to hear each other.   This truck runs a tri-power of three Harley CV carburetors with custom fabricated manifolds !

Hell On Wheels: Franklin, Iowa

Lots of really great guys and gals with a love for vintage choppers . . . hangin' around, doin' wheelies, drinkin' a couple beers, riding some neat roads . . . having some good barbeque . . . and a super dooper party at Michael's.  Fuckin' aye - Thanks Weasel !

Rain in Your Brain

I've only rode about 200 miles in the rain this year.  60 miles of it was really hard rain I won't soon forget.  I should have waited it out.  Sometimes it's easily been over 450 miles . . . When riding this old iron, I need to slow down in the wet.  I can't see, I'm wet and fatigued, brakes aren't as good - and less traction.
Spray off cars and trucks will powerwash you.  It all sucks.
When parked my seat fills up like a bucket. 
Water on my steel pegs and kicker pedal.
Water on the grips.
Water sitting on the magneto.
Water down the pipes.
Water in the air filter.
Water in the Ignition switch.
Water in the toolbag.
Water wicking over your helmet, Down your neck . .
Down your back . . .
Water from the outside meets Water from the inside.
It finally quits raining, but the road is still wet. It's somehow better now.
Unless it gets cold . . .
You always remember the trip when it rained and sucked. 
You forget all the other trips when the weather was perfect.

My Favorite Professional Racer 2017

Sammy Halbert has been my favorite flat track racer for the 2017 season.  Bryan Smith was my favorite last year.  I've always admired Halbert's universal skills on all the tracks.  He can ring around a short track, sky off a TT jump, ride a cushion half-mile WFO, and pull an unexpected draft pass on a mile at 130+mph.  He's never been factory-sponsored by H-D or Indian.  He's a privateer, and I've watched him changing clutches, chains, tires, front ends . . . and then shoving his dirty hands inside a pair of leather racing gloves, fueling - and push starting his own bike for the semi. (before the Main that same race, I helped him with the same ritual, and he thanked me - I was an immediate member of Team Halbert that day . . . ) 
I like that Sammy's race bikes are always "personalized" and fun, with funky flames, stickers and colors.  He wants to win, and is a hard charger on the track.  They didn't christen him, "Slammin' Sammy 'cause he rides nice and conservative. The tragic loss of his brother(also a pro rider) in-a-way seemed to fill Halbert with an added racing spirit to continue in his honor, he continues to forge on - where many racers may have retired themselves.  Competitors from the northwest(like Halbert) are known for their tenacity and versatile racing abilities.  Joe Kopp a prime example !
I can't count the times I was attending a non-points event, and Halbert showed up to race since he was in the area.  A pro rider, doin' this for a livin' . . but he just wants to ride (and make some gas money).  It's always great for the local kids who can say "I raced with a National Champion once - Sammy Halbert." 
Halbert had a great season this year, finishing inside the top 5 a total of 11 pro races.  The final race of the season is in Perris, California on a loose 1/2 mile.  This type of track favors riders like Mees, Baker . . . and Halbert !  I'd really like to see him pull a win to end the year.  (or maybe Carver)  You can watch the races by logging on to: American Flat Track - and watch it LIVE !  Go Sammy !
Sammy Halbert runs his brother's #69 to continue the legacy.

Two Looks Better Than One

I have a hard enough time dialing in one . . .not really, but it's
the linkage and cables that drive me nuts. 

Thanks Tom Petty for all the great music . . .

My life wouldn't be near as cool or full, if there'd been no Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.  When I watch my DVD on the Sound City Recording Studio - and I run it through the Bose speakers, and the part where Tom Petty is interviewed, and the band jams the song over and over to get it right, you see how hard they worked.  I remember the video for "You Got Lucky" on MTV when the band is out in the desert - in some spaceship deal, a motorcycle sidecar pulls up . . . Petty hits the play button on a dusty boom box to start the music.  It introduced me to a band with music I liked, but didn't really know who the players were?  Lots of musicians looked up to Petty and the way he wrote and played rock, the unique way he could sing it.  Tom Petty flew under the radar - no big interviews, no big productions - just the best blues rock with some pop . . . with lyrics and melodies to sing in your head on and on and on . . .  and when Refugee, Breakdown, I Need To Know or Runnin' Down A Dream comes on the radio - Crank It ! 

Got some work done finally . . .

I'm just so far behind on everything, my life (and toolbox) in a busy raid of disarray.  I had to make a list.  Pick the items of most importance.  Start at the top, and away we go . . .  This is ridiculous !
A large part of my life has been devoted to this vintage motorcycle addiction.
Most times I get it all buttoned up - then realized I could do it different or improve it.  I take it all apart again, do it over - then it's better. You ever do that ????
Apart and back together multiple times.  It happened with every photo you see on this post.
The clutch, belt alignment, primary cover, mounts, outer primary . . . all this took forever.
I hope the front end works good?  I snugged the fender bolts about 75%, then bounced on the front end a few times to help align the fender, then snugged up the fender bolt 100%.  I figure it might eliminate binding or cracked paint at the least???

Harley WR . . . "R" is for Racing !

Randy bought a WR.  You don't see these things come up for sale very often.  All the owners want to keep 'em forever. 

Randy Goss: National #1 (1980 & 1983)

During the early 1980s, Michigan's own Randy Goss was probably the most consistant and dominate flat track pro in the nation.  If it weren't for some unfortunate mechanical failures, and a severe crash, he may have earned 3, 4 or possibly even 5 national titles.  Goss was trained by Markel, and tuned by Harley's own Brent Thompson.  He won nationals on factory H-D equipment, and he won as a privateer.  Goss won national short tracks, TTs, half-miles and miles.  NOTE: I've seen a few racing photos of him "captioned as Jay Springsteen" when it was actually Randy Goss (due to their similar racing profiles)

 Above: Here it appears he's running 2 into 1 exhaust ? 
Trying to get some torque from this XR for short track ?
Randy is known for being a hard charger,
but very consistent, calculated . . . and not a complainer.

 Photo Above:
Randy Goss and Ted Boody
Just look at all those fans ! 
They're everywhere !
Goss is on the outside #13 . . .
coming after Jorgensen(44) and Eklund(11)

Just the Letter K . . .

No KH.  No KK.  No KHK.  No KR  No KRM.  No KHRM 
 . . .  Just a K