IOWA ! Water Slide Decals

There were these postcards you could buy when you traveled to different places - states, national parks, places-of-interest, etc.   The postcard came in a paper sleeve and included a water slide decal for outside (or inside a window).  You could write a nice letter to your family or friends and mail the postcard - then sticker the decal on your camper, station wagon, car or suitcase !  Neato !  This is one of those decals....  Most Iowa decals I see have corn, farms, pigs, cows, barns, tractors, maybe some places of interest - or a pretty country girl. 

If You're Reading This....

....It indicates you are HOME.  Stay at home.  Don't make any unneeded trips to the grocery story, gas station, stay away from your friends . . . just stay away.  THINK before you travel.  If you are in an area where there is no virus, it's coming for you.  No place is immune to this.

I'm doing my part 100%.

- Washing my hands properly with hot soapy water for 30 secs.

- Washing outside door handles and mailbox with bleach mixture

- Spraying all counter tops in my home
(and letting sit for 10 minutes)
...then drying off
 (I save the towel to use with bleach later outside, then throw it)

-Take a hot shower everyday
-Wash Your Towels

-Keep the TV off !  (watch local news once a day)

-Read a book, or all those old magazines

Take a nap.

- Play games, Work in garage, Look at your bike(s)

View blogs/instagrams

-Exercise in your home: Do stretching.  Lift Weights

- Jump rope in your driveway

- Eat the right foods (don't over eat)

- Calm your nerves

-Clean out your tool box, closets, chest of drawers

- Vacuum, dust, wash windows, clean bathroom

Just stay home if you can - Stay away from everyone at work.

Reinforce it - Stay away from me - Thank you !

No disrespect - If I'm sick, I don't want you to get it . . .

I don't want to lose a single NOOT blog follower or family member
due to carelessness . . .

No Italians, No Japanese, No Swedes, No Finns, No Germans,
No Brits, No Aussies, No Kiwis, No Canadians, No Mexicans,
No Brazilians, No Hawaiians, No Spanish,
and even No Russians....
and especially No Americans !
(if I left someone out, I apologize)

I love you all - Now practice it !

-Respectfully and Good Luck  -Noot

Bushings Over Needle Bearings

1952 K Model Case RIGHT Case.  
- Lower repair (by Crooks Motorsports)
-New Oil Pump Studs
- Blasting (by Gelner)
- Washing and Blow Drying (by Noot)

Jerry Branch Ported Cylinder Heads

I keep viewing ironhead Sportster heads on Ebay - and the seller describes them as "Branch heads" and they aren't...not even close.  Branch heads (at least all the one's I've seen):

1. Have numbers stamped near the intakes (on the bottom)
2. Have micro, knife edge cut valve seats
3. Have mirror polished ports (both intake and exhaust) 
 Later heads have a smooth intake, but unpolished as much...
4. The head gasket surfaces AND rocker box surfaces 
are both surface ground (parallel)
for straightness and squareness

4 Gallon

This thing started right up after sittin' 3 1/2 months in the cold, with temps below freezing most of the time.  I looked all over for the battery that goes in it.  Not near the Battery Tender with the others - and then I realized I forgot to take it out !  Shit !  It's a 5+ year old acid-type battery, and it hasn't given up yet, since it had 12.2 volts and started the bike.  It's life is helped by the Cycle Electric DG5000 and a steady 13.5 pretty much all the time.  My 4 gallon tank is ready for fuel - and I'm ready for a road trip - but we should all be sittin' tight for now.  

Low Compression

Click Photo for Large Image

A guy needs about 6.5:1 Compression to run the total shit fuel produced by these places.  (no offense to any ethanol workers out there)  The "pot life" to that 86/87 is about 2 weeks and it's dead.  My lawnmower didn't want to run with that crap...

Lil' Digger Sportster '65 CH w/65" Displacement

Click Photo for Large View

Outside Oilers

I guess the reasoning was to keep the oil cooler and prevent the oil from gettin' all hot, and fried all over the top end as it was pumped up through the hot cylinders?  You take those old panheads apart, and the non-detergent oil is burnt all over everything... It worked.


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. . . you get the picture

My Mama Tried Submission for 2020

This ol' K is just the best bike.  Not quite ready for a trike . . . 
Over back-roads or big-city streets - it's just neat.
Concrete or across the grass . . .
It's nothin' fast . . 
A postponement just for now . . .
You'll get to see it soon enough - anyhow . . 
So for now - just lay low . . 
The future holds many places to go.

At least it has TWO WHEELS

The Cedar River came up a bit with all the snow melt (in 2 days) - and now we're getting some heavy rain to wash all the salt and sand down the drain . . . I don't talk about it much, but the last 3 years, I've been into "fitness" and health and eating right and all that terrible crap.  I sure feel a lot better, but it takes commitment for sure.   I've been tryin' to dial in my new Fezzari bicycle - and with all these new Iowa trails everywhere - maybe get back out there and do some single-track?

It's like a Ferrari . . . But with ZZZZZZs . . . !

Bound for ????

( Click Photo for LARGE View )

Hopefully, I'll be able to pack this thing up again this year - and ride someplace ?  1. We need to get through this virus deal - and 2. The weather needs to straighten out.  I'm pretty sure #2 will happen eventually - but #1 will need everyone to work together, since all the fun things we do rely on other people to make them happen - and without everyone - it won't matter that you live in a rural farmhouse, or Montana wilderness . . . it's just gonna suck.  So do your part - stay away from people for a bit, hole it at home, bust out Easyrider (and watch it again).  Crack that old bottle of wine you 'been saving . .  Call all your long lost relatives and friends you never talk to . . . and just hold-the-line
for a month - and maybe it will all go away (along with your savings account)??

Hey, some of the best times of your life is when you had no money, but you had an Ironhead Sportster or a Honda 350 chopper - and all you did was ride ride ride - and your bed roll was it.  You roughed it and didn't know any better.  At least we still know how to do it if necessary.

Stay safe - and I'll try to post some most stuff to ward off boredom . . . -Noot


This is the invitation to the show...pretty neat.  It came in this heavy-duty box, all rolled up with one of those press-seal stamp deals (kinda like a Roman document).  It's a good time - and probably the best bike show I've ever been to.  It's the 7th year for the show.  I was lucky enough to have a bike in the 1st show back in 2014.  There's a VIMEO Video for the first show and I'm in it...they came to my dad's garage and did a filming and interview deal.

#94 George Roeder


A friend of mine gave me this old Cycle World magazine, so I framed it.  Neat picture of ol' George Roeder sliding in.... His son still has the bike and runs it for exhibition from time to time...
Great shot !

Constant Velocity

It works.  I enjoy trying different combinations - but I just can't seem to find the one that works on this motor.   UPDATE !  I'm now running a 42 pilot with a smaller(factory stock) Linkert 4-bolt manifold with a rubber flange adapted for the CV spigot.  I think the S&S manifold was too large, and it was killing my velocity on starts especially....

Jay Springsteen

In his early years, Jay Springsteen and his brother Charles raced short tracks. "Chuck" ran a 360cc or bigger - and the younger brother Jay raced a smaller 250cc.  The lack of power to most racers would be a disadvantage, but Jay learned to make up seconds/lap with corner speed Holding the throttle wide open all the way around the track, steering with the rear wheel under full power - and pitching the bike sideways to scrub speed when necessary.  It helped hone his skills - soon becoming a top ranked Junior - and then Expert status.  The poster above celebrates his 1977 National Championship.  He won the previous year (1976) and won again in 1978 - A 3 time national champion.  Jay had a mysterious ailment that plagued him during his prime - causing him to miss races and forfeit points.  It was years until a smart physician finally diagnosed his problem - and he came back strong as ever !  Scott Parker is the king - but Springsteen (in my opinion) is the greatest flat track racer ever - due to his skill, stamina, longevity and promotion of the sport.  He's still goes fast as heck too . . . 

Baker Drivetrain

One of the best investments you can make for your kick-start Harley 4 speed They operate smooth as silk - and I've tested these gears for 5 straight years on my kicker panhead.  It's a one kick bike on most occasions, and this Baker set up is a big part of it.  Not cheap - but nothin' good ever is . . .
Above: I got my first set of gears from Bert Baker himself.  I won a bike show, and received a Baker gift certificate as a prize.  James Simonelli, me, and Bert Baker in Sturgis, SD.  I run their heavy forged kicker pedal with chrome moly shaft too.  Maybe someday afford a complete transmission?  

Harley K Model Head Gaskets

They don't use head gaskets.  Just spray the head and cylinder with a couple coats of Harley Hi-Heat Barrel Paint, let dry - and bolt 'em on !

Cedar River Harley-Davidson Shop's January.  Probably another 2-3 months of cold to deal with here in Iowa.  This is an excellent time to get started on your "customizing" or service on your summer ride.  Maybe a trade is in order???  Our local dealership has customers from all over North Iowa and beyond.  If you need parts, service or otherwise - Call 641-228-2192 and ask for Bill (Parts and Service) - and there's a good chance he can help you out, get you a fair price - and ship your parts if needed.
Plenty of new and barely used Harley-Davidson (and other brands too) on hand at all times.
In business since the early 1970s...the Minert family still has some old iron sittin' around . . .

Buddy Stubbs

I talked to Buddy Stubbs awhile back when I visited Arizona.  These are his personal race bikes he ran short tracks, TTs, desert races, 1/2 miles - a couple KRs and an XLR.  He beat the factory riders many times - and won the Daytona 100 (250cc class).  I think he said he's 80 now !
 The best museum in Phoenix (off Cave Creek). 
Buddy Stubbs' Harley-Davidson
Since 1966
Above: Someone please reprint these !
Above: Sprint CR

That's me with the helmet....

, , , makin' noise like an ironhead Sportster. 
I was pretty good at it my mom says . . .

Time Waits For No One . . .

A couple more months before we can do this again . . .

1948 - Fresh Again

This 1948 FL is a done deal. Real bad shape when it came in many moons ago, but now it should be a runner Runs a stock "H" grind Victory camshaft with fresh lower end, cylinders and heads.  In 1948, they didn't have pan cover D-rings or nothing.  Just these screws !  All pretty correct 1948 parts.  The 1st year of the Panhead for the motor company.

May as well do the transmission while yer at it, right?
Correct date code case.
One-piece kick arm (don't break a spring)
Super Nut !  Check your clutch hub fitment.  Needs an 11T speedo drive.  I leave the top loose so the owner can pour some oil over the gears.  I recommend Bel-Ray Hypoid 85w-140.
For the clutch hub nut: I pressed in a new rubber seal, then put the old-style washers, 
spring and snap ring on top to keep it original looking . . . Still runs '48 style oem pushrod with throw-out bearing.  The tank-shift-rod-lever was welded up and redrilled proper diameter.

'52-'53 K Model Flywheel Assembly

I bought these (all rusty and locked up) at the Sturgis Swap Meet years ago.  I carried them all the way on my bike - restored them with new shafts, etc.  I tried to sell them, nobody wanted 'em . . . so I just found a set of cases (that need some welding) . . . so I may as well build a little motor.  I got cylinders, heads, transmission parts, all the special parts that are 52-53 only, like clutch hub clutch basket, kicker shaft and gear, transmission shafts . . . on and on.  There's hardly one part that will fit on a 52-53 K Model AND an ironhead Sportster.  The cylinder base nuts !  That's about it . . .

Wait:  The connecting rods are the same, wrist pins and clips.  If you think of something else, let me know and I'll explain why it won't work.

Wiley: No. 70

Yes, that's #70 at Bonneville Speed Week in 1970.  Jeff Wiley (not pictured) was attempting a record run.  I believe he went over 150mph - (too fast for me !)  Ironheads Forever !

750cc It's All You Need . . .

Warmer days are ahead . . hopefully???  These past pics I remember well.  Racing around town on an iron XR with no lights - but the local authorities know me well enough to not worry about me.  When you get so old, with a bit of gray hair - you don't drink and ride - and you have proof-of-insurance...they've got bigger fish to fry.

This thing rips pretty hard...and it'll pull the front wheel kinda easy.  The smooth-bend straight pipes really echo between the buildings.  Race bike on the street !
The ol' 1952 K has pretty much the same chassis - with 1/2 the power.  It's my favorite motorcycle.  The K and KH were only made a few years for street use - but H-D pumped out the KRs all the way through 1969.  The KRs were successful 'cause the flat power band kept the rear tire from spinning.  They stayed hooked up and moving forward.  
The Delorto "Pumper" carbs work great on side-valves . . .

Firestone (Coker) repop tire with stock muffler and shocks.  Early XLCH rims.