Tuesday, September 1, 2015

TECH TIP: Harley 45 Spark Plugs and Wrench

I run Autolite spark plugs in my Harleys.  I always check resistance with my ohm meter, and make sure they have 0.00 resistance from the plug tip to the center electrode (small tip in the plug center).  You want 0.00 resistance with breaker points or magneto ignition.  I use the Autolite 45 plugs which have a 13/16" socket hex in all the Harley 45 engines.  They just happen to be a "Number 45 plug" and work in the Harley 45 WLs . . . a unique coincidence. 
The Autolite 45 must be the perfect heat range, since they rarely foul, and usually burn perfect.  A common plug you can find at your local auto parts store.  But, here's the problem:  A standard 13/16" plug socket is too tall to get them out with stock oil tank - if you ever need to change plugs, check jetting, etc. . . .
You need an offset 13/16" wrench like the one pictured above
It works.  
Now you can run a modern-type spark plug,
and service if need be . . .

Aromas Coffee Shop - Hot Coffee in a Cool Place

The local coffee shop's old location was kinda being nudged out by new construction . . . so the owners bought a different building, and fixed it up into a really neato "New Aromas" . . . and they were only closed for like a few days . . . wow - crazy fast !  It's got big, cushy sofas, wood tables, plenty of places to sit, great jazz tunes . . . and Bryan and Cara make the best coffee I've ever had - It's just a great new morning hangout.  Awesome job folks - Street light out front . . . newspaper machine is back - Perfect.
The best part, there's like a half dozen more places to potentially park your motorcycle !

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mick's Town Pump - Mitchell, Iowa

Mick is really cool.  He bought this place after his original bar in Osage, Iowa had a fire.  Mick knows the bar business very well.  The Town Pump has great burgers and fries, the beer is always ice cold, and people from this area enjoy stopping in for a chat, games, billiards, cards, whatever.  Mick has got the cancer again,
but he's tough and always has a good outlook on life.  My thoughts are with him and everybody that just wishes he'd keep on going and get healthy.  Like the sign says in his bar . . . something about everyone sticking together - and the human race and where we all live will be a better place.  That's Mick himself, behind the bar, keeping the place going, with great service, and good advice if you need some.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Linkert DC and S&S GBL

Linkert DC-7
Circa 1966
Main Jet: No. 4 (standard issue)
Venturi Diameter = (standard issue)
Bowl Spacer
55 cu. in engine
S&S GBL Series
Circa 1975
Main Jet: 70
Intermediate Jet: 31
Venturi Diameter = 1 3/4"
65 cu. in. engine

Dad had a car like this in 1961 . . .

Hobo Racing

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bacon's Build

Knucklehead pictured above:
Bacon's Motortechnic Engine 
Complete with parts manufactured by Motortechnic, Mfg.
- Aluminum Cylinder Heads
- Engine Cases
- Tappet Blocks
- Oil Pump
- Gear Cover
A showcase engine of what you can build with parts available from:
DC Choppers - Spicewood, Texas

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Grand National Current Points Leader

Jared Mees  -  Can he retain his #1 Plate ?  
He's looking real good so far . . .

K Model Night Rider

I worked on bike stuff 'til 7:30pm last night . . . then headed out to the small town of Floyd, Iowa to a truck stop called Rick's Wagon Wheel for chicken & potatoes.  I watch truckers and tired travelers come in off the road.  A good tip for the waitress.  I leave in the dark with my Cycle Electric lighting my way.  It's was a beautiful, cool evening ride.

KHK 4 Speed


Bendix is ready.  Primary is ready.  Waiting for paint.  
Noot Sr. 1975 XLH

Monday, August 24, 2015

Review: Simpson Street Bandit

I bought this new helmet at Sturgis this year direct from the California Simpson Distributor.  I have tested it through various conditions - and I like it so far.  Size: XL (61mm) and it fits like it should.  The helmets come with narrower cheek pads if it's too tight(which I liked better).  The shield can be removed with a dime or small flat blade.  There's more room between the mouth guard so you can get your hand up in the front to adjust your glasses, itch your nose, whatever (I like that option) without opening the shield.  There's an cam-type adjustment for the shield closure (I like that too) - so you can change the pressure required to open and close the shield.  The shields are extra thick, and they are very scratch proof (since I clean the bugs with the windshield squeegee at many stops).   Light weight too.  The true test with any helmet is how it does in wind and rain.  This thing is almost unaffected by wind.  I think the small "lip" on the bottom front has something to do with it . . . it keeps your head down - similar to a downward ground effects spoiler.  I can look around and it don't get ripped off my head.  I really like it.  Snell Approved.
Stickers from Jeff, Denver Dan 
and Scott Sjovall (S&S) . . . 
My rating: 9.1 of possible 10
I've noticed people see me a bit sooner with the White Helmet too . . . 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shop Time . . . Then Harleys & Hot-Rod Drags

After Dave's last nite . . . (and a few cocktails with the locals),  I got up early Sat am and did some work on Harley stuff . . . Chink's UL cylinders and valves are set up and ready.  Diamond Dave's flywheels ready for the polished cases.  Poole aluminum cylinders need some adjustment . . . but, we're on it !

4 5/8" Stroke with S&S Components
Stroker oil modifications completed
These cylinders are neat . . . However, not a bolt-on part Mr. Poole.
After a little work, we hit the road into a 40mph headwind and rode panheads to the
Harleys & Hot-Rods Event at Cedar Falls Raceway

A $10 Admission got you all the smoked pork you could eat and a wrist band for $2.00 tall cans all freakin' day long.  A small swap meet, car show, bikes and drag racing - Band at night.
JR, Noot & Rory discussion . . .
Ryan's Sportster went 10.40 w/No wheelie bar.
A 40+ mph wind at-our-backs on the way home - We were sailing.

Dave's Drive Inn - iT'S FRIDAY NITE

Dave's Car Nite in Charles City held it's final event of the season (FREE ice cream to all participants!) and it was a great showing as usual.  A good blend of rides from "Barrett/Jackson" to "80s Modifieds."  Those big Mickey's are coming back !  What goes around, comes around.

Gary McCoy brought out his big block screamer . . . he let 'er loose when he left the lot . . .
Jeff Lewis (die-hard Mopar guy) has this stocker pair of Plain Janes . . . 

More from Dave's . . .

A couple million dollars worth of cars in our little town . . . 
Most owned for 25+ years by their owners.
After the show - it's neat to see the rides all over town, at the local restaurants.