Thursday, October 16, 2014

Drop the Hammer

Look kids . . . real motorcycles !
Top: road race brake, Ceriani, Wico, glass tank
Center: Dick Hammer with XLR motor, exhaust cross under,
aluminum mounts, rubber on  pegs and brake, Pirellis
Ready to smoke you at the track !
Bottom: This is the coolest . . .timeless.
Billet is dead - Iron is forever.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pogo Seat Spring

If you have an aftermarket solo-seat post and it's kinda weak, I put a couple shovelhead valves spring over the post to give it more pressure at the "bottom out" position, so maybe it just helps keep the seat off the fender on the bigger bumps?  A little added spring pressure.  Or you could go on Nutrisystems? 

150 374 and 150 372

These are the Big Twin Side-Valve flywheels for 74" and 80" motors.   Building a complete motor, and he wants to "keep it crusty" on the outside.  Fresh on the inside. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

VCR, Videocassette Recorder

I had to get one . . .

Fall is here . . .

Go get FAT for Winter . . . Snowshoe is ready - The Hunt - Bow, Muzzle Loader, Shotgun, Bow . . . if you miss . . . there's always pizza & beer.  Fall colors.  The Cedar, The Wapsi, The Mighty Mississippi - all is here for you now.  The Harvest.  Tractors, wagons & trucks goin' 30mph over the next hill !

Monday, October 13, 2014

"He just left . . .

Basically, I'll be living here for a week, as I've done every couple years.  Again brushin' up on my Spanish, learning the roads, identifying different fish I catch - and how to clean and cook them.  Enduring 100+ degree tropical heat, 90% humidity, a hurricane, swimming in cenotes to cool off . . . and more ruins of ancient Mayan civilizations are yet to be explored.  The Yucatan.  I will someday travel to Campeche and Merida.  Isla Contoy Island this year if the seas cooperate.  Tropical storms move in this time of year, so you get a taste of real weather.  Wind, salt and the power of the sea.  I love this . . . I am a Pisces. 

Panhead Drag Bike

You don't see these very often . . .

Arlen Ness Strut Kit

A friend of mine is seeking a strut kit like the one pictured above.  It would be for the Sportster frame.  Thank You !  -Noot

Friday, October 10, 2014

It's too bad about your girl . . .

 . . . she doesn't look like she's much fun?
( Hey, is that Fatty drivin' the van? )

A real functional rider . . . no fake shit

All motorcycle shows should be ride in . . . If you can't ride it at least 150 miles to the show, you can't enter the thing.  It's like jewelry you can't wear - what's the point?  I spotted this panhead at the Sidehack Saloon this year.  I did a double take, we walked back and saw it was one of those motorcycles that has evolved to suit the rider.  Me and Joe had just come from a bike show where we picked apart a bunch of shiny bikes getting fake accolades - they had non-functional shit all over them - we were in a feisty mood when we saw this - A real custom chopper with vintage and modern components to get you there . . .and it was functional to the owner's needs.  A real show & go vintage Panhead chopper.
Vintage one-piece kicker, Linkert filter, relay . . . spare belt (see it?), tool bag, electronics . . .this guy is a god !

Above:  Star hub . . . with a PM disc brake.  Frisco'd tank, relocated filler, Super E, auto advance . .

Above:  Big Box on the back for stuff, extra tail lights (for max exposure), tail pipe extensions (to keep them from filling with water, and keep carbon off your gear), deer alerts, rear belt drive, primary open belt . . . but he still likes his jockey shift !  My kinda guy - awesome bike !  I couldn't find the owner, but I really wanted to tell him how much I liked his old panhead . . .

Joe's New Nose Knuck

Lil' Joe is building this new knuckle out of parts he's had for years.  Nose cone cases with knuckle top-end and dual carb heads . . .
Whoa ! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

TECH: Harley 4 Speed Main Drive Gear Spacer O-Ring Leak Fix

McFarland made a .050 wide carbide cutter, indicated the spacer in . . . and cut a .093 groove for a #029 O-Ring . . . and we'll see if this stops leaks.  I might still jam some sealer into the splines before we install the sprocket.  Make sure the sprocket nut stays tight, so torque that left hand thread nut good and tight to keep the sprocket and spacer up against each other.  Tape the gear threads with black electrical tape before you install the spacer so you don't nick your new o-ring.  The best way to install it is: Have the spacer lubed inside the seal, and press(or carefully drive it) in as a unit with cork in the bottom . . . but, you probably knew that already?  You can send me your spacer, or I could probably get a new spacer and do it for you - about $20 yours - $45 with new spacer + mail.  If it stops the leak - it's worth it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Me & Willie G: This month in Easyriders

Willie told me he liked how I built my bike . . . "Like they rode them, a little wild, but build to ride.  You still had to get to where you're going."   Nice pic(via Michael Lichter) of my bro Steve Davis & myself (all old lookin') checkin' out my rocker clutch stop set-up.  That was a fun weekend.  Mama Tried.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jay Springsteen

Worthy of fine art . . .
(looks like Sacramento Mile)

Dennis Schoenfeldt

I talked to Dennis Schoenfeldt today . . . the legendary professional racer and current tuner of flat track, road racing (he raced at Daytona) and an all-knowing resource of all things motorcycle racing - especially Harley-Davidson race engines.  A privilege for me to talk with him, ask questions and hear some racing stories . . . My hand was writing so fast . . . notes, notes.  Totally cool.

Early & Late Parts: H-D 4 Speed

Lapped the Main Drive Gear race for .0004 oversize rollers.  This aftermarket (Motor Shop) case looks really good if anyone wants to know?  The Jim's main race was already installed, but it was way out-of-round, the reason I had to lap it.  Also installed new right side ball bearing.  The counter shaft cluster gear is the "new style" fitted with needle bearings (instead of loose rollers and thrust washers) - They were removed, and new bearings pressed in very carefully to avoid crushing the bearing (and set them just below the surface of shaft).  Proper end play was achieved with a thin thrust washer on counter shaft.  I replaced main seal, cork, counter shaft o-ring  . . . and a new main shaft snap ring.  Hard part is over . . .

Monday, October 6, 2014

Get up early ( 5:30am in the garage )

 . . . work 'til 9 or 10pm to get stuff done. 

Branch Drag Bike

The obsession these brave men had with the Sportster is just crazy.  Totally obsessed with making that motor faster and faster.  Check out the remote Linkert bowls with those extensions welded up to increase the volume of the (nitro) . . . to get as much air and fuel in that thing - to produce the most power - to actually sit on the seat for the shortest possible time - with the greatest feeling of acceleration. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dave will be OK ! Whew !

I ask you, "How can you run into Chopper Dave?"   I mean, you always think the worst when you hear "motorcycle accident."  I have no idea what it's like to ride in LA.  Dangerous comes to mind.  But, when it's someone you know, someone you look up to, somebody that you follow, sorta one of your idols . . . I mean, if you've ever met the guy, it's like you've already known him.  He is a sincere fella, and a genuine really nice individual, despite he looks so radical, and rides some of the baddest motorcycles - and is a super genius with building bikes . . . and on and on.  But, you almost know he had his helmet on (due to his helmet advocacy) and Dave's articles on safety are a big reason I always wear mine (especially on the highway).  When you have something like this happen to you - You kinda get to hear and read all these nice things people will say about you when you pass away someday . . . but, Dave's still here for all his family and friends who love him - and it's good when you get another chance, another chance to keep on - and it comes to mind one very important question . . .
Hope it wasn't his kicker leg?
Dave, Good Luck for a Speedy Recovery !

Grab my girls and hit the road . . .

Iron Invasion this weekend . . . get off the porch !