Friday, October 2, 2015

Early XLCH Primary Chain Shoe

This is the "heavy-duty" shoe for the XLCH tin primary cover.  No nylon.  The chain rides on a soft metal, brazed to the steel.  Just don't run 'em too tight.  Last forever . . . and you don't get the nylon shit clogging your door bearing oiler . . . or worse yet, your counter and/or main shaft oil passages.

Tillotson - Made in USA

My dad ran these carbs for quite a few years since there really wasn't anything else.  He said they actually worked really good.  I restored this one for a little-o-nothing.  No float bowl.  I guess you can leave that vent open if you want(don't have to run to fuel tank) - and they have an accelerator pump.  You can make a tickler for the bottom if you want.  The most expensive part is the diaphragm gasket.  The most difficult part is Tillotsons have a zillion tiny parts, springs, o-rings, etc . . .  The carb was $10 - I got like $30 in it - and it's worth $200 to right guy.  The insulator spacer block was originally silver painted (as is).  I'd like to try it on something, since you never seen them on anything.  Gain respect from your elders . . . with a grabber, snapper clutch, spool front, 30 over - runnin' a Tillotson, or a Lake or Posa . . .  or ?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cast Iron VS. Aluminim

I run the early cast-iron tappet blocks in my '64 motor.  When I see these at the swap meets, I always try to buy them if the price is good.  The aluminum blocks wear out faster, and usually the iron ones are straight and tight.  The only difference I really see (besides the obvious weight difference) is a taller "lip" where the cork seals sit. LEFT: Cast Iron(painted silver)  RIGHT: Aluminum
You can see the taller lip, Photo below . . .
When Sportster tappets wear, the motor sounds noisy
as the roller followers rattle and become loose in their bores.
 Cam timing may be affected or varied.
I've always assumed the aluminum tappet blocks were originally produced for the XLR race motors, and H-D began including these on consumer model engines for cost effectiveness in 1962.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Harley XLCH 43008-60

Vintage OEM H-D rim with stainless spokes and NOS hardware.  Spoking and truing wheels is a good trade to know.  These wheels are easy, whereas others are a real bitch.  Tries your patience.

Late Night Snack

Vintage iron after dark.  I try to keep busy with projects (instead of television).  After 10pm, usually just me and the cops.  I sleep after a horseradish sub - and a book on indians, ponies and warriors . . . My Life on The Plains . . .

Nostalgia Vintage Parts

Someone show-chromed these cast iron Sportster tappet guides many years ago.  They're really cool, but kinda wore out and loose.  Harley only ran these from 1957 to around 1961.  Using the vintage, circa 1947 Sunnen hone, I set up a 720, modified a push-up shoe, and a used SL-7 stone, trued it up . . . and honed each block a heavy +.005 for new +5 OD roller cam followers.  This chrome cast will give his '66CH nostalgia race aura . . . It's all about slicks & smoke !

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fort, Jeri, Lucas, Auburn, Dorado

Above are short names used by local folks to describe small towns and inhabitants.  I got my frame fixed again, and was eager to ride.   A perfect day jammin' down some of the most beautiful roads in the state.  Golden crops, harvest and small town bars with local chat.  Clear your mind and light your soul . . but, stay alert for tractors and wagons !

Fort Atkinson.  A fort built to protect the Sac & Fox tribes from the Sioux.  Now groups of buckskinners operate behind it's walls.  I know a few personally, so I stopped in for pickled onions and mushrooms.  Smoke for peace.  Trade carbon steel knives.

On to Gunder for superb burgers & American Fries . . .
I met up with some locals for in-depth discussions on a variety of subject matter
at a tavern in "Brick City"

Found a new place off Hwy 18 near Hawkeye . . . Country Chrome.
After my knife throwing lesson at the Fort, I was anxious to try my new skills and found I'm very good at something !  Throwing knives !  A couple dudes who had too much beer were certain I had American Indian blood in my heritage . . .

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cal Custom 7100, Carson, CA

I got this thing all sanded - then red & gray scotch.  Between fins is Harley Hi-Heat Silver Jug Paint.  The inside is blasted clean - Tune in later for my secret Windage Tray upgrade . . .

RH's '66 XLCH

Engine cases have been stripped, and completely bead blasted.  Cylinders too.  I'm in the process of washing, cleaning all threaded holes, oil galleys . . . I'll hot wash with soapy water and rinse & dry with scalding hot clear water.  Blow completely dry.  Ready for lapping, boring, bushing replacement . . . whatever.  Maybe a Miller High Life and stare at them for awhile?

Ride Hard - Park on Main

Original, Signed . . .

Many many years ago . . .

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Light Bulb Karma

It was Two Wheel Tuesday . . .
It's only fitting I ride an XLCH to work an XLCH . . .
 This is an original, early pump with split key breather.
Scrape gaskets, then wash, dry, blast, wash & dry again.

Then I loaded everything in my back pack - and rode home.
My new, piece-o-shit Chinese Made H4 headlamp bulb went out - so I rode home in the dark with people flashing at me . . . Ironically - it was an oriental lady who was the worst -
It just made my blood boil and I almost flew off the handle . . .
"Oh, go F8#K OFF !"
Then I calmed down, got home and washed up the XLCH parts . . .
Then I decided to lace a wheel for awhile . . .

It's a rare Harley-60 Aluminum Rim - and I tried to use all NOS parts when I rebuilt the rear hub.  Then I noticed my new, stainless spokes were Made-In-China (when they were Made in USA last time I ordered them)  Shit.
I decided to watch a movie and stay up late . . .
So I watched vintage VHS Bruce Lee 
(and ate leftover Chinese)
Can't beat 'em - join 'em
It was the first appearance by Chuck Norris too . . .
The Chinese kicked our ass - Maybe next time?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Family Affair

Low Mirrors

Tools in a shaving kit.

Apple Cider Donuts

Eat the whole box.  All 6 . . . no problem.


Wire brush and chemicals . . . lets' see what we got?
Looks good so far.

Strange Bumps: Andrews No. 1

I run a Sifton 412 with about 60+ overlap in a 1952 74" motor.  It comes on a bit late.  Upon further research I've calculated my gearing, compression, carb diameter and exhaust length.  This cam's specifications should improve throttle response, torque and overall performance at a lower engine rpm.  But, when I opened the box and looked at the lobes?  Huh?  That's different.  Looks like a mini version of a Leineweber with those tall ramps and flat tops. 

Friday, September 18, 2015