Monday, July 6, 2015

3 Day Weekends = No sleep

In between rock concerts, fishin', parades, bon fires, beer tents, bicycle runs, chopper runs and cook outs . . . we still manage to get some motorcycle building done.  Polished shovelheads set-up for Andrews BH cam.  1941 FL motor ready for the frame !

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Have A Great Holiday Weekend !

Perfect Panhead

That's What I Want . . .

1. The rear intake pushrod had a "grind" feeling to it when I spun it.  The ball end of the pushrod appeared to have some tiny flat spots on it - so I tried a different one (but it still felt weird, it didn't spin nice and free).  I noticed the cup-end of the tappet adjuster didn't fit the ball-end of the push rod very good, so I changed them both - now it spins free and easy after adjustment.  That's what I want.

2. Cleaned the carb real good and soaked the Intermediate needle jet to clean those little holes and blew everything out with compressed air.  This L-Carb works great on here - Starts great, everything. That's what I want . . .

3. I set the Intake Valves with very little clearance.  Tightened her up a bit so those big Branch ports are "right on" - crisp response.  That's what I want . . .

4. Exhaust valves a bit looser.  Make sure you can still push-in at the top on the pushrods, and the spring loaded rockers will pop them back out - you don't want them to stick in - that's the way I run them and don't have any problems - Many miles without adjustments.  That's what I want . . .

5. The mag is tight and solid, I can move it to retard for starting, but it's tight, (due to the o-ring under the mag body)  No leaks, and solid in the advanced position at high rpms.  That's what I want . . .

6. Stop light to stop light.  Flyin' low on an early ironhead stroker digger.  75 degree day, perfect air density,  20T trans gear . . . XLR pipes in my ears . . . acceleration, 60's style ! 
That's what I got.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Clem Johnson and Jim Leineweber

This bike(Vincent) evolved through the years, and eventually went in the low 8s at 187mph. I recently talked to Leineweber on the phone about KR cams and timing . . . heck of a nice guy and a true innovator in the world of motorcycle racing.

Stroker Abuse

It's been a year since this digger ran . . . so sad.  The stained S&S carb full of piss-yellow, stinky gas.  The magneto was loose and shook at higher rpms(bad).  Oil puking from the mag/cam seal.  Dirt, dust, cat pee, oil stains and cobwebs.  With too many irons in the fire, workin' on other stuff, it was just being neglected under a old bed sheet, pushed in the corner.  In a few days,  I should have it back in-full-tune. On the street . . . ready for stoplight to stoplight.  Flyin' low.  It's so fun to ride this one . . .

Monday, June 29, 2015

Lil' Joe: Wandering Nomad

Joe hit the road this morning for Minnesota.  Joe, Cheryl & myself had a great time the last couple weeks.  Sitting around the dinner table, hearing stories, conversation, workin' on bikes and ridin' the backroads.  See you next week at the Full Tilt Chopper Show, St Paul, Minnesota,  JULY 11th.  
The best summertime bike show in the midwest . . .

On the run . . . Monticello, Iowa

It was good to be on the black '64 ironhead again . . . a two day trip through Iowa back country.  Small towns, hometown bars, cheese burgers, canned beer and tent campin' with Al & Bill at the J&P Cycles Open House Party.  This event really ain't my scene, but it's always a good time for some reason?

The party and camp was fun . . . rode in heavy rain on the way home. Al was going to enter his custom shovel chopper in the Vintage Show on Sunday. 
Summertime in Iowa means outdoor concerts . . . great rock from Tom Keifer (who is one of the best you'll ever see - voice and music is spot on - Best Performance of 2015 so far . . .

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Joe got his bike goin' . . . .

Blown Shovester

Pretty crazy motor for 2015 . . . This is stuff they did in the 80s . . . Noot built one of these for a customer years ago, but I don't know if he ever rode it?   Looks really nice.  Good job.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Penner KR Style Race Loop & Exhaust

Working on fitment for this KH frame.  It will need some fabrication and adjustment . . . stance and geometry are correct.  Very well constructed.  Made in USA.

Penner also produced these KR style bend exhaust pipes for KH cylinder length. The TIG'd joint is hardly visable.  Smooth, radius bends.  XLR slash cut.  Made in USA.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Dad's wiring up his stock '75 Sportster . . .
and running vintage Cycle Shacks !

New Oil - New Filter

New spokes

When it doubt . . . use a hammer

Lil' Joe is here.  Stroker motor, crazy paint, crazy chassis . . . gettin' it together.  Bugs come later.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Youth is king . . .

Brelsford: Goliath

Muscle that iron . . .
More torque that anyone but Mark Brelsford could handle, said Dick O'Brien.

Cool Bike

If you were out on the road, and a kid pulled up on this, all packed . . . with New York license plates (and you're in Colorado) . . . you'd have so much respect for the kid.  This Sportster is so cool . . .

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Muffler Wanted

Anybody know where I can get (1)ea muffler like this?  It has a 1 3/4" inlet.  I have one, and I'd like to get another and try them on my bike.  Maybe you know the company that made them, or a reference I could call that has lots of chopper parts?  I appreciate any efforts. Thanks -Noot

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Joe's Stroker 94.1 Cubes . . .

Check rod clearance
Check piston clearance
Check nut clearance
Check rod straightness
Check Timken endplay (changed spacer)
Garage Built.
Check, Check, Check, Check . . .

Viking Chapter AMCA Meet & Swap

I never did sell the gas tank . . . 

Lots of really good iron in Minnesota . . . The Raino's '57XL and orange '68 XLCH.  A hot-rod early ironhead with S&S L . . . Pans & Knucks . . . all the swap spaces pretty much filled up.  Lanterns and your favorite beverage for the evening wind-down.  My tent and camp were facing Snelling Avenue, and when the old bikes would leave for the evening, they'd race past on the street - it was really cool seeing all the vintage motorcycles whizz by at speed, shifting and changing lanes.  Reminded me of what it was like to ride back then . . . in the past, when motorcycles had the best sound (not just Rhineharts, or sport bike slip-ons)  There were CBs, BSAs, Triumphs, Royal Enfields, a pack of RDs . . .  all music to my ears.  A fun time was had by all.