Friday, December 9, 2016

XLR or Iron XR ???

Which models have that extra bolt in the top center of the primary cover?  KRs, XRs?  Some left side cases do, while others don't . . . does anyone know when they had that - and when they didn't ?  This one doesn't have it . . . and what frame is that ?  XRTT?  Lowboy or Highboy?
Above: See how this "Racing KR" cover has the extra provision for the bolt in the center top?  All the K-Models and KRs have a flange on the left case for this screw.  Not always tapped 1/4-20, but it's there.  The Sportsters don't have it - unless maybe an XLR has it?

Harley Part -62

We had this rim in our stash, so I had it blasted and checked for straightness.  She's a beauty . . I had it powdercoated - and it'll guide my new panhead road bike as the front wheel, with rebuilt star hub and cadmium spokes.  Does anyone know . . . is this a Kelsey Hays rim then ?  It's got some kind of symbol with an "H" on it . .  but doesn't actually say, Kelsey Hays.  It does have that extra curly outside rim edge.  I'm trying to use all oem Harley parts if I can.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Cold Water Observations

Did you know that Mr. Celsius originally had water freezing at 100, and boiling at 0 ? I watched these ice sheets floating down and rolling over the dam this morning, swiggin' my coffee and waving at people driving by in their toasty warm vehicles on their way to work.
I wonder how much these sheets weigh?  In kilograms of coarse . . . The water is just crystal clear.  I think I could see Walleye Pike schooling in a small pool?
If you'd fall in today . . . you wouldn't last any longer than an experienced "Polar Bear Club" member.  However, your body would be very well preserved.
Ice water is good for drinking on a very hot day - but not real great for swimming.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gettin' off the couch . . .

Most of the time, working on bike stuff isn't very glamorous . . . but it gets you off your ass.
We're cutting the seats on these panheads for my 84" stroker project.  The combustion chambers look like someone filled 'em with salt water and let them sit for years.  They surfaced nice, the seats are solid, spigots all good - I'm runnin' 'em !
Kevin's 1955 KH oil pump is a one-or-two-year-only pump.  You need all the correct parts to make it work - so I came up with all the correct parts The breather is timed, oil pump and pinion gears installed correctly.
I got these cases disassembled (for Ricky at Anchor Moto).  His plan is to cut the transmission portion of the cases off - and run a 4 speed big twin tranny.  I'll do the lower end (what's left of it).
Last night, I bored these cylinders for my friend Eric from Portland.  It's another 1966 XLCH motor, and he wants to keep it "all krusty lookin" to match the rest of it's barn-find, old school chopper chassis.  No paint, no polish - just wash and assemble - leave the patina.  We'll use these +.010 NOS H-D pistons . . .

Eric's cases all washed and dry, carbon blasted off the heads, one new flywheel, new forked rod, races honed, all other crucial dimensions being checked and sized.  Time to quit for the night, go home . . . and relax on the couch.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

80" Wrinkle Motor

Restoring this 80 incher for a local.  Harley "Texture Black" looks so nice.  Freshened up the heads too . . .
We held it together with old hex nuts.  Everything gone through on this build.  A stock, solid runner it will be . . . The flywheels were full of holes?  The counter weights may have been shaved slightly, so they needed to remove weight on the opposite end.  Maybe this was done at the factory on 80" wheels?  Not sure . . . A new sprocket shaft, and each side was checked for run-out and adjusted accordingly.  Still a matching set - Ready for assembly.

Cam Repair: Baas Racing

This KHK camshaft was heavily pitted on each end from corrosion.  The cams ride in bushings on these motors, so a small amount of pitting is still usable.  These were bad.  I had McFarland machine down the pitted end, and make a new sleeve that pressed on, giving us a smooth surface again.  We fixed 3 of the cams, made a complete shaft for one (since these shafts can be pressed out) - and now Kevin has a fresh set of cams (which are hard to find) for his '55KH.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Rock Town

I traveled to Rockford, Illinois over the weekend and met up with Ryan, Josh and Drew . . . and hung around with some talented dudes for 24 hours.  This is me and Derby . . . and he didn't bite me.

Coffee Martinis woke us up . . .  The food at the Irish Rose Saloon was excellent. 
Nice meeting all of you . . . Thanks for the fun !

I like Drew's ironhead the best . . . He let me sleep on Dolly Parton's couch and tucked me in with grampa Dick Allen's sleeping bag while visions of chrome moly springers danced in my head . . .
 . . . See ya'll soon dudes - Respectfully, -Noot

Thursday, December 1, 2016

1980's Flat Track on VHS

I bought a Sony VCR(VHS) from an electronics guru.  He "hopped up" this VCR with a different gear-drive so it fast forwards, and reverses lightning fast.  It's quiet, and it's hooked up to my new Samsung with my Bose (201) surround sound.  I have an incredible library of recorded flat track races from the 1980s . . . and it's great to watch them all again. 
Springsteen gets down !

PS. the picture quality is much better than my camera can capture . . .
It's like I'm sitting in the stands ! 

OPEC Oil Study

This is one of the (if not "the") dirtiest set of cases I've ever seen.  They are black, with burnt oil on the outside - and the inside.  Degreaser soak - then power wash and see what flies off ????
Utilizing chemical solvents to break apart the molecular structure of a petroleum product.

Buy it cheap - Just add sweat

This oem, chrome(and heavily dented) rigid frame tank was modified to fit in a swingarm frame.  I'll use it, as H-D intended,(in my early '54 wishbone frame).  I cut off the cobbled mount, blasted off the chrome - and had lots of help from skilled craftsman . . . welding and fabricating the correct mounts.  It leaked oil, and had JB Weld all over, trying to seal the leaks..  It didn't work.  I've got many hours in this thing . . . and it still has a few dents.  Adds character.  Ready for paint.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Standard Oil Co.

Valve stem cap.

Custom Throttle Cable

I'm using a Motion Pro (Turbo Throttle) for 7/8" handlebars.  I need a special cable to operate my Dellorto PHM. The bike runs great, however my throttle cable I'm currently running is "hangin' up" since it's used, kinked, munched on . . . and not the correct cable  . . . and it's no fun.  I've modified many cables for all my different carb set-ups . . . but, I'm out of cables for modification on this one - and we just don't have the right combination to make it work - so my bike is just sitting there, my rings aren't seated yet, and I can't run the bike properly to get it all jetted and sorted out without the proper throttle cable.  Motion Pro is trying to make me a custom cable - hopefully they can help ?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Guest Quarters

Our spare guest room . . . doubles as parts storage.  
Nite Nite (next to drag slicks)

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

1978 Sportster XLH

Now it runs around the island of Japan . . .
I wanted to show what a guy could do with stock ironhead.  Lots of details and ways to do things differently and keep it clean, with minimal customization.  Ditch some covers, drill some holes, utilize gloss, flat and wrinkle black.  A little chrome, some brushed aluminum - and keep it functional and practical.

Still a basically stock Sportster 
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Staged Photo ?

 1941 ?

Joe Smith . . . Stars down the legs (you know it's him)

Joe Smith is in his 80s now . . . and still talks to my buddy Willard on a regular basis . . .
TWO is better than just ONE
That's a ton o' fuel !

Monday, November 21, 2016

DYTCH 10.5:1 3.00" Bore +.040

These pistons are in nice condition.  They take 2ea compression rings and +.007 to +.008 clearance.  I'd like to try them sometime.  The tallest domes I've ever seen on an Ironhead piston I guess you must fly-cut clearance for the big intake valves?  Someone knurled these for oil . . .
I'll have to measure one and see if they're 3.040?  or 3.035ish?  Did he figure the clearance into the piston?
How did Dytch do it?  Doc Dytch that is . . .

I've got quite the exotic piston collection for early ironheads.  Anything I see at the swap meets for 3.00" bore I usually buy it, or regret it later.  I sit and dig through my collection and just look at them.  Probably never use them - they're just different attempts at performance.  I need a set of those Aries pistons(I think) that have the 3 teflon lookin' buttons built into the skirts.  Don't have those yet.  The MC pistons, Dytch, Axtell, S&S short stroker pistons . . . Some people collect spoons from different states - I collect pistons. 

M-21 Fuel Fill Direction

Finished this up over the (cold & windy) weekend . . . but, the carburetor may feed from the back??  Most of the old H-Ds fill from the front, however a VL photo shows the fuel coming from the back.  Hmmmm.  Might have to switch it and re-adjust?

Friday, November 18, 2016

Yvon Duhamel

One of the most versatile racers of all time.  If not "The Best" . . . on pavement, dirt, ice(sleds and cycles) and NASCAR.  The more track conditions changed or worsened, the faster he got.  Duhamel still participates and rides with vigor.
 . . . still competitive well into modern times !
 Heck . . . give him a chance, he's still competitive this weekend !