No Restarts

Keeping race action moving is an important part of managing a race.  Downtime and restarts suck for fans.  After multiples at Flat Out Friday, some of the fans started wondering why they were allowing all the "jumped starts" without restarts and penalties (back-to-the-penalty-line)? 

The races were good, don't get me wrong.  Just after multiple jumps, it seemed some of us lost a little interest in the professionalism of the event.  Kinda like every class became the side-show class. There's nothing more exciting than seeing your favorite rider (jump the gun - shit !) Then get sent to the 3rd row - then come through the pack for a transfer spot or a podium finish.  If you're a really good rider, done your homework, got your bike set up, did your workout, did your training, and practiced your ass off - You don't need to jump the gun. It's not fair to the other riders in your race that stayed put . . . and there's more of them than just you.

Again, I love the races - and if it were easy to promote and run these events, everyone would do it.  Hats off to Scott and Warren for a great weekend as you'd expect from them.  Nothing more than 110% efforts. 

Click Photos for a FULL VIEW: Mama Tried 2017

Chopper Dave's BORN FREE Bike had cast aluminum foot pegs installed that referred to "the fire" the bike had at a gas pump last fall . . . Flame Proof (or something like that?)

I assume Harpoon painted the Wretched Hive bike?  Every year, there's kinda a bike that's "the bike" of the show.  This year the chopper by Moon Haint (that candy red one) was just so purty & sweet . . .
like eating a hot cherry !

I liked the club colors . . . Steel Justice.  Cool name and righteous dudes.

Warner W. Riley - The Scientist

Warner is still alive, living in Illinois.  He always reminded of a high school science teacher, or some type of scientist, who's "into" properly designing and engineering a motorcycle that will propel himself at a speed of 200 miles per hour without engine failure.  He's very intelligent.  Riley utilized mathematics(bore/stroke/compression, overlap), physics(aerodynamics, resistance, wind drag) and chemistry(nitro fuel, oxygenation) . . . and a bit of meteorology(atmospheric pressure, air density) to get this Ironhead Sportster to set a multitude of motorcycle land speed records.

Incredible stuff here folks . . .

The Harley Hospital

I like how he left the steel brake tube mount on the leg(click photo)
It was already light enough for 200+
(unless maybe these aren't the actual forks?)

Mama Tried Weekend

I like driving sometimes. 
Mississippi River, Iowa side open - Wisconsin side frozen.
This girl had her Triumph Cub, waiting for carry-out.
Races were great as usual . . . Jared Mees and Cory Texter battled until Mees pretty much ran into him to pass . . . bangin' is racing I guess ?
Michael Lichter was there doin' his thing . . . he also had a show at the Iron Horse Hotel with stories and commentary about his photographs.  I was gonna say hello, but he was kinda busy, tryin' to make
some money . . .  so was Kurpius.
Some guys fell on their ass . . . but it was pretty decent mostly. 

Nathan made it . . .
Hux checkin' out Keith Ulicki's bikes and leathers on display in the lobby.
in the stands . . . being "Instagram'd" and don't even know it !  Hey Rich !

The Mama Tried Show in Milwaukee is the best motorcycle show I've ever seen.  I haven't been to Born Free . . . but this show is really good - and it's great catching up with all the dudes !

It's the motors I like best . . .

 The best display of bikes today - anywhere in the world.

Itchy's new orange Kawasaki . . .