Dice'd Weasel

 Everyone looks so young . . . ?

Chopper Lab

Christian from Chopper Lab - Netherlands
Chopper Lab has a blog - Cool Scoots !

This show . . . This Saturday !

1. Inside the Mayo Civic Center (nice and warm and big)
Connected to downtown stores, shops and bars
Bring your wife and kids !
2. Bike Show
(lots of brands, old and new
show bikes and rat bikes and trikes)
3. Swap Meet
(new and old parts - old gray dudes)
4. Vendors
(a variety of items you need to see !)
Hot food !
5. A Fun Time and not too far . . . 
Come and Check it Out !
in Rochester, Minnesota USA

Billy's Jugs . . .

All blasted, washed and honed with some nice cross-hatch . . . 
Ready for Paint. 
(Thanks to Sports Illustrated)

The Ugly Duck - "45"

When I get done rebuilding a motor, I like to sit and stare at all the hard work I just did . . . but, the poor Harley 45s only get a few minutes.  Built as a workhorse - not a showroom beauty.  Not for sales - For a purpose.  The Harley 45 - The forgotten one for years and years.  Nobody cared.  "Hey, for $200 you can have the whole bike . . . just get it out of here."  What goes around comes around - The 45 may just get the last laugh.


Search: XG Ice Race You Tube
Photo from: Cyril Huze

White Out !

That's Mike Molstead Dodge on the left . . .

The 2014 Eagle River World's Championship Snowmobile Derby WINNER

Malcolm Chartier won for the 2nd year in a row on his Ski Doo.
His sled was tuned by previous 2 time winner Mike Houle.

Indian Larry

Many times when I'm working on a part (custom or stock, doesn't matter) I think about Indian Larry.  There's usually only about 2 ways to do-it-right.  All the other ways are cobbled - and only work for right now.  If it's done correctly - you don't have to take it apart ever again.  Larry's motorcycles will be around a long time since they're done right.  Customs built to run hard.  Just enough modern technology to accent performance.  Larry is the guy I credit to bring back the old-time chopper. His motorcycles will forever mark the style of that era. 


The same group of Death Squad Riders passed me about 10 times on I-90 across South Dakota.  They rode like hell . . . but, stopped a lot. Ride Hard - Ride Short, says Peter Egan.


A 25 tooth will fit with a jockey top.  
Will it fit with a ratchet top?

1981 Sportster XLH Engine FOR SALE

This motor was stripped to the bare cases, blasted, washed, painted (PJ1), flywheels & rods rebuilt and trued.  Solid factory spec'd crankshaft assembly.  Cylinders blasted, bored - new pistons ( I believe .010 or .020 over).  Gear case all checked out.  Needs transmission and heads.  We might have a set of heads & rockers we could get for you?  Sell as is or if you get us a transmission, we can finish it up for you.  No reasonable offers refused. I think other parts with it too. Built by Noot Sr. 

Update:  You get a good, tested Hitachi starter, clutch basket and other parts included. 

Carb bracket for safety and stability

Goan git medieval on yo ass . . .
Rudy, this mag-neato better work this time !

Billy's Glide . . .

I want a shirt . . .

. . . with this on it !
I've been looking all over for this . . .

Doc Dytch


Everyone wants to be Kenny Roberts, or Joey Dunlop
or Scott Parker or _________.

Steve's Pan

This build fuckin' rocks, I can dig it - Way to go Steve !

Ironhead Overload

There must have been a rule that all drag bikes back-in-the-day must have chainguards - which probably ain't a bad idea . . .

Flying Hog: Hello, Zach

This motorcycle always intrigues me.  On loan to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa - from what I found out . . . It was purchased by Frank Spittle at Zach Reynold's auction after his death.  The dual carbs were originally on this bike - and Frank even found the original instructions Jerry Branch sent to Reynolds on how to run Nitro with them.  Pretty Cool.  One thing for sure, Jerry can't spell very good, but who cares about that?????  Awesome stuff . . .
    "42 degrees . . . "
    "take out jets completely . . . "
    "don't idle around . . . "
    "bit more air pressure in the rear . . . "

Watchcat !

My cat (a cousin to Ted's cat).   
Cycle Nazi's frame - welding by Rattlecan.

RETRO REWIND = Cars & Guitars, Chix & Flix

Now hang with me if you can on this . . . John Wells and crew totally nailed it with this show.  I'd never really seen anything like it.  You could check out hand selected rows of rods & bikes, take a stroll(inside) over to a fancy deco movie theatre and walk right in on a showing of "7 Second Love Affair" . . . walk back over and grab a chili, tall boy PBR and check out the swap, retro clothing, movies, art, a half dozen pinstriping artists, a guitar collection like I haven't seen in years, pin-up ladies everywhere, a freak show, another PBR, walk back for a glimpse at "6 Over" . . . back again and again for 3 more cool movies . . . all for $10 I'm talkin' sensory overload again and again.  I was there for almost 7 hours - and I missed the Friday Nite festivities - and left before Nikki Hill took the stage with more bands.  Next year I'll be there Friday thru Sunday - You're all invited to come along . . . Good Times.  Awesome Show !