A Paint & Body Man

Wojo shoots some clear on my parts for the '78 Bastard Stepchild. His shop is pretty cool, built it himself years ago - a lot of history in there. Lots o' cars built and painted there. If the walls could talk? Thanks Wojo !

Only in Iowa

Friday Nite Show & Shine at "Cattle Congress" Waterloo, Iowa. Grab your lawnchairs, coolers, a camera and cruise in the '66 for a night of fun. About 300 cars - not bad. Pizza at Mama Nicks.

Bob Haro

Decisions Decisions

Morty "the Official Shop Cat" has been ridding our yard of unwanted critters for years. But, lately he hasn't been killing the baby rabbits. He just plays around with them. Makes a new friend. Shows them around the shop. And then - they must do something that makes Mort go and BITE THEIR HEADS OFF . . . HA HA HA HA HA !

Worth Rebuilding !

Early 4 speed case & gears . . . no cracks - looks nice and straight -
Get after it !

NOT worth rebuilding

a very rusty Pontiac block & heads . . .

45 Bottom & XL Top

with plenty of hoses . . . what a mess.

All Aluminum

Gettin' it on . . .

Early CH
SU with remote bowl
Headlight pointed to the sky
Livin' it

Leg Man?

A guy at Kwik Star was telling me about the lower legs of his bike . . . all about his legs . . . blah blah blah blah . . . The only thing I could think about was the legs of his woman standing nearby . . . wow !
(wish I'd had my camera)

Spina's "On-the-Run" new paintjob . . .

Spina likes to change his paint on his trusty FLHX every year . . . and when it's ridin' season he can't be without his wheels - You dig? So, he's doin' a "Paint on the Run" job - one piece at a time. Uncle Bob Spina, "The fastest paint gun in the West !"

Jeff & Irish Rich

Jeff says, "Rich, look at me when I'm talkin' to ya . . "
(2 icons of the industry)

Of all the bikes . . .

this one . . .

Mission Accomplished

Kevin's EL is ready to go. Fixed the broken valve spring, the major oil leaks and adjusted the clutch - he has a brake light now too . . . hopefully a happy customer?

Epic Event (DICE in Des Moines)

Jeff, Brad, Dave, Jose, Dustin, Denver Dan, Steve, 9Half, Rich, Josh, Zac, Diamond D, KC Ricky, Annie, The Rev, Tom Fugle, Gouge & Co, Sully, Bill, Flyin' Weasel . . . . and everyone from California, Chicago, Milwaukee, Colorado and afar that came to this deal in Iowa - all very super cool people. Blew me totally away. Major fucking talent was there. I'm stoked and ready to get choppin' !!!! Band rocked, great hospitality, great tacos, cold Hamms - See ya'll soon again - Your friend in Iowa -Noot
(see chopperdaves.blogspot.com 'cause his pics be way better than mine)

Jim's Panhead

Funeral for a friend

I was reunited with friends and people I've known since I was kid. The eulogy "Ace" gave at the funeral drew loud rounds of applause and laughter. The emotions didn't really hit me until I was on my '61 Sportster in the parade of bikes leading to the cemetery. Seeing all the people, hearing his chopper start and rev in the back of the pickup at the gravesite. The burst of thundershowers as we all drag raced back into town for a fitting celebration of the life of a very good friend and an icon of this area - Critter. RIP Brother.


Yes, they are still in business(since 1969) - Ron Trock is a legend. If you want to build a vintage stroker, you can't do it right without something(including special tools) from Trock Cycle. My pop built a "Shovster" for an experienced biker many years back. I talked to him the other day - and he said it's still a scary fast ride compared to his Jim's big incher . . .

Order yours today !

Lost Art?

Customs of the past . . .

Gettin' ready for DICE . . .

Sweet Leaf

To match Spina's custom painted tank - I had to do some variegated red leaf on the rest of the parts . . . it's a messy job - and hopefully it won't freak when cleared . . . (I added a pinch of clear, some spirits, a dash of reducer and a little red paint to the One Shot Size) Now with a bit of striping to add to the design - it's off to clearcoat !

Uncle Bob

I'm a little green . . .

I'm a rookie for any kind of tunage other than 80's - but, I kinda dig this Fu stuff. This is all new to me. I mean I got California Crossing - now this one. I got the Blue Tile Fever now (which I think means like skating on the tile near the pool - right?) I'm definitely Over the Edge . . . you get me? You dig? I'm "King of the Road" - and I say you're movin' too slow. Anybody got a murder van?