Baja 100

Could you image riding one of these through the Baja Peninsula?

Stars & Stripes Forever !

I've always wanted one of these . . . now I got one.  I know, I know . . . they start kinda hard, real fussy, dead spot off idle . . . who cares?  They are the coolest carb ever made for a Harley.  This point is not even up for debate.  Can't wait for the frustration . . .

 . . . and if it doesn't work . . . It can always play music . . . 
Sing Along - "Oh when the Saints, Go Marching In . . . . 
Oh When the Saints Go Marching In . . . "

I'd never seen this one yet . . .

I love the carb - just got a GBL for mine . . .
Sometimes you just gotta say, "What the ______."

XLCH Trades & Barters . . . and beers

These crazy Italians I know from up north keep trading me old Sporty parts for old Sporty parts . . . weird.
Now I have an early lower tree, cups, short swingarm, a different frame . . . yada yada yada.  After a few Red Dog beers - now I want this other frame they have - so, I'll trade the frame I just got from them - for a different frame they have . . . Confused?  I am . . . .

Back from the Dead Panhead

Got the Cycle Nazi's heads pretty much the way I want 'em now . . . They really needed some TLC and should be a good, reliable set o' heads now.  Picked up some fazners from my "inside line" Colony source ta boot . . . .

Non-Detergent Oil . . .

Sucks . . !

A "car guy" tale . . .

This dude buys a new '58 vette.
Wrecks it the first week . . . junks car - saves motor.
His ol' man buys new '60 Biscayne.
Dude inherits Biscayne in '61 - bolts in vette motor.
Noot's buddy buys Biscayne (from dude who still has it)
Noot gets motor - checks date code.
Noot smiles . . .

All she wants . . . .

. . . . is for the photo shoot to be over soon !

Something like this . . . .

I've always liked how they build old motorcycles in Japan.  Since parts are expensive and in shorter supply, they use what they have to achieve a running, functioning motorcycle.  If all the parts are from that period of time . . . it all kinda goes together.  I have enough parts to do one of these(pic above).  I don't know how many times last summer I was hammering on the K-Model and just wanted to keep going to the next town.
The K is not really set-up for highway . . . on this I could keep going.  See you soon !

Tator sent me this photo....

Looks like South Dakota???   
Don't forget to mark your calendar for February 16th 
The Capitol City Swap Meet & Show 
at the Iowa State Fairgrounds - DSM, Iowa. 
Go to Kung Fu and get some tacos & Hamms . . . Go to GT, Go to Cyclepedia, Get a Big Tomato, Go see Brad, Go see Jeff . . . Go see Gilly, Go find Sully . . .!

Bump Start . . .

Do this with a Twin Cam too many times and throw the flywheels out-of-true - eat your oil pump bearing and ruin your day.....

Great Inventions . . .

The HeliCoil, invented by a smart German in the aeronautics industry, allowed the use of lightweight components (aluminum) to be used in engines.  The ability to meet torque specifications in aluminum with a corrosive resistant thread (stainless).  HeliCoils get a bad reputation because installers don't follow directions.
1. Use the proper drill size and tap
2. Always break off the drive tang
3. Finish with the new HeliCoil just below the surface
4. Use Loc-Tite (as recommended)
5. Never remove fastener when engine is hot (ie: spark plugs,
timing plugs, engine covers, etc . . . )
6. Readily available
HeliCoils are an effective (and very cost effective) fix to stripped threads.  Yes, there are many other products that you can argue are equal or better, IF installed correctly.  Most other inserts require a hole so large, that if it ever comes out - you are really screwed . . . (pun intended)
If I met this German in a hall, I'd buy him Weihenstephaner.

" Here I go again . . .

 . . . down the only road I've ever known . . . "
Early Sportster frame (recently purchased).  Let's build a bike !
I'm thinking something like that '52K but, with twice the power.
Run a '59CH motor, PB cams, Branch Heads(Big Noot has a set),
DC Linket(bored for an X9), dry clutch, chopped fender, short wheelbase, steering dampener . . .
Just tie on a sleeping bag and go like hell . . .
What else do I have to do ?????
Make it resemble Warner's Bonneville Bike !

Cable & Wire Tricks . . .

I saw this method used on Jay Springsteen's XR one year at Springfield.   Take small rubber hose and cut it into equal, short lengths.  Next, run those tiny zip-ties around the wires(or cables) and through the hose to make a cool separator system.  Works great on push/pull dual throttle cables too

Cold Weather Depression . . .

I may have to head South to ride soon ?

Displacement . . . Did you know?

K Model = Bore: 2.750.  Stroke: 3.8126 (3 13/16")  Cubes: 45.28
KH Model = Bore: 2.750. Stroke: 4.5625 (4 9/16") Cubes: 54.19
XLCH 900 = Bore: 3.00 (3")  Stroke: 3.8126 (3 13/16") Cubes: 53.89

S&S Cycle Super B Series

The S&S B ( and it's big brother the Super D) are tried and true.
There are a few different versions - but, all function the same.
Very affordable ($50 - $100)
Easy to Tune (Variety of common jet sizes)
Top end power !
Simple to operate - Few moving parts
They like cubic inches (74" to 96")
They look cool. - Easy to polish !
Look for worn throttle shaft (kits to fix)
No accelerator pump (works better with electric start)
Have to cut the ball off your cable (leads to frayed ends)
If you have a 80" shovel - and don't want to pay $350 for
a Super E Kit.....
Try a B on for size.

Public Message

My condolences to California, Nevada . . . yada yada yada.....

Happy Times . . .

I really dig this photo . . . they just look like they're so happy together.  Riding that pan chopper, hangin' with friends.  She's got her new fringe leathers on . . .  He just had his buddy do the top-end . . . everything is just golden at this very moment. 
The photographer who took the shot could see it too . . . Hope they are still together and still rolling down the highway.  Looks like a mini Packer-Type hat he's got on the fender????

'38 EL - Assembly Line

Another '38 lower all done . . .she's tight too . . .
Original Races
Andrews K Cam
4 fins (sleeved by Advanced)
Almost all original HD parts . . .
Rocked, Wired & Blues'd !

On any Sunday afternoon . . .

I heard a rare sound yesterday as I got home from an "old parts in the barn" mission.  It was the sound of a sole XR500 Honda motor.  On again, Off again, On again, Off again.  The locals had scrapped away the snow for a track on the main channel of the mighty Cedar River.  The older, vintage motors have such a nice rumble to the pipe.   Then a CRF took the track - and those kinda sound like shit.  Sorry.  They have an annoying exhaust note (that I see why citizens soon call the cops).  Even after I got home, the sound was blurring out the Redskins.  I think the cops will soon shut this down, just like all the rest.  My solution would be mufflers. (like the days of the Sacto Mile, when "boom cans" at lower decibels actually made the bikes go faster)  However, it makes you want to ride again.

Rikki & Spina . . .

Striping a kit at Sturgis . . . Rockett Drum Works !


Anymore . . . you only see these in Japan.

The Mug that got away . . .

I saw one of these For Sale at a swap meet last year (new in the box) . . . $30.00 - I didn't buy it . . . now, whenever I see this ad in old magazines . . . Rats !

Sanford & Son

I have never been a fan of using parts on motorcycles that were not really designed to be used on a motorcycle . . . such as:
Hot water handles for jockey shift knobs
Ford hood emblems for air cleaners
BMX pedals for your kicker
Beer coolers for saddlebags
You get it . . .
I had a hard enough time using a chain link (at least it's bike related) for my spring clip.  They use these for exhaust springs too you know?  Hey, it's a Diamond side plate !

You can go under one condition . . . have to wear your Lee Marvin sweater . . .
( we had a blast on New Year's Eve )