Billy Lane

I guess Billy Lane finally accepted a plea deal. They dropped the manslaughter charge. The most he will get in prison is possibly 9 years(maximum). I doubt that however. He gets a lifetime license suspension. As far as an individual, he's always been nice to me the few times I was around him. He rode up next to me and we cruised the whole length of Lazelle one year. Me & Spina hung at his booth while talkin' to Indian Larry. Billy was always cool to us. You just can't drink and drive, and speed and go fuckin' around on the road - especially when you been drinking. Shit happens. Glad I didn't meet him on the road. We had a bad few years there with Indian Larry, Johnny Chop and Billy . . . These guys represent our industry and it's who we look up to. Hey - we still got Jesse James ! (unless he kills himself doing stupid shit). Keep on choppin'.

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Bad Betsy said...

Must be the 4th of July car show in central park, Chuck Town, IA. The 4th in CC is the best. In Madison you have to fight with 300K people for blanet space at the fireworks.