I still call it Farmington. The antique meet and show that takes place in Minnesota every year in June. It was great ! The caliber of motorcycles that were at the event were better than Davenport (or at least equal to) the "big one." Those boys from the Viking Chapter of the AMCA did a really great job. Hats off. I counted 5 or 6 Vincents at the event . . . "Competition motorcycles" were featured - and they had a great turnout. We met some cool people like: Phil (his Indian pictured), Bromie, the Benassi bros., Billy Hofmeister, Kav, the dude from Iowa City, the ol' guy that lent us his radio with fresh batteries, Kevin and his beemer - just to name a few. AND kind of a dickweed, "Dutch" - ah hell - it takes all kinds to make it fun. The ride to Porky's Drive In Friday night was awesome. Like turning back the clock to 1962. Next stop - Davenport, Labor Day weekend. (PS. Question of the day: How do you carry beer on your motorcycle when you forgot your bungee?)


lit joe Las Vegas said...

Hope trip was good and had fun.Like the bag and the way you tied it down looks like some thing i would do.Macoy make it back in one peaces.Look like they had some old bikes nice pan.Did big noot think rods will work,got your letter wont be in Sturgs this year hope to be in Iowa sept god willing.

Bad Betsy said...

Looks like a super cool time. I like the thumbs up your shadows givin' in the one pic. Now I know you & pop aren't the only ones hording Sporty parts!