Swap Meet Goodies

Linkert DC-10 Carburetor $20 (ebay price $100-$200)
Cast iron seat tee $35 (ebay price $75-$120)
WLA army ignition switch $25 (ebay price $75-$299)
Carlisle 400.19 tire $15 (ebay price $50-$150)

Moral of the story: swap meets are still your best bet for good deals on parts, and it helps support the sport. It's more fun to find that item you're lookin' for too - and you meet the nicest people.


Chris K said...

Swap to Live, Live to Swap. those are even great swap meet prices.

lit joe Las Vegas said...

swap means sure with a price if someone has a better meaning post it we need to put a labe on swap

Bad Betsy said...

Looks like ya got some good stuff. That's the thing about having an older bike, you can get some great used stuff. It was prob made better back then too. Forged, not stamped! Be home the 26th to work on bratty.