Ricky Graham

As long as I'm on this big flat-track kick lately . . . I'd better say somethin' about Ricky 'G'. He was a big rival to all the top riders. He rode a Harley, then Honda, then Harley, then Honda . . . whoever would pay the bills - Graham was there. A California rider all the way. Graham was aggressive, and like Chris Carr once said, "When Ricky was at his best, he was the best that's ever been." Cool quote. I'd watch the great one, Scott Parker, get so frustrated when he couldn't beat Graham. On a mile watching Graham race will always stick in my mind - and the full straightaway wheelies ! He was a multiple National Champion No.1, holds records for most wins in a season, and most wins in a row . . . and many other individual records. He tragically died in a house fire, but every flat track fan will never forget
the legend of Ricky Graham.

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