Striping by Spina

Rikki Rockett's Triumph Thruxton fuel tank - paint, striping and leaf by Bob Spina of Las Vegas. Rikki is touring this summer with Poison, Cheap Trick and Def Leppard. I like Poison in concert. Leppard seem to be getting worse. I dug the old Def Leppard better. But, if you've never seen Cheap Trick, they're damn cool. There's a certian aura about Robin Zander - the guy is a superstar and a hell-of-a-singer. Now playin' at a city near you !


Mish said...

Bob Spina rules. Seen my first Spina work this summer. YOU KNOW Where! I also seen several other items with some awsome brushwork by a lesser known feller. Ill be asking that feller if he would do some work for me. Please post some pics of your work, Rick. Also more pics of the old shop and more of Big Noot in the old days..
When Colleen and I were dating in 1992, we scored some tickets to see Cheap Trick at Cattle Congress building. No Shit, they were printed up on colored construction paper, they were legit. 5$ apeice. They absolutly Rocked. There wasnt 500 people there.

lit joe Las Vegas said...

Yes bob spina is the man when it comes to painting and striping.I meet bob 15 years ago work for him here in vegas and in sturgis.The little striping I do Ive pick up from him,anyone wishing to learn striping he would be your best teacher,hats off to him he is the best.Iowa best would be little Noot