Got Wood ?

This month's Horse Magazine has my name in it - Hey, I'm fuckin' big time. All that work - and they give ya a piece of wood. All the bikes kinda looked the same this year. Your basic, no rake, rigid, spool front, knuckle/pan chops. Yawn. I brought a digger. Thanks Eric for gettin' me my wood. Next year I'll bring somethin' different. Get wood again. No photos - WTF? Shit. Damn. Fuck. I need more coffee.

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Joe Vages said...

The third annual winner of wood little Noot from Charles City Iowa my best friend for life great job.Thats why any work you may need done on your Harley,needs to be done by the Noots.Give the killer cat a thumps up for me on his big hunt,later Hot Rod Wood