Street Chopper Magazine - 40 years

I stood at the local grocery store last night and read the entire 40th Anniversary Issue of Street Chopper Magazine. It has a lot of the same information that's from "The History of the Chopper" with Jesse James. You know the documentary . . . the one with Irish Rich at the beginning firing up his chop. ( bought a bag of chips - and opened them and read the whole issue and paid for an empty bag of chips) It has a good history of Ness inside the issue. I think I'll go back and actually buy one today. (Temp: 40 degrees F. and sunny in Iowa)

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Smoken Joe Vegas said...

Must of been wifes night out,bag of chips and magazine real mans dinner.Sounds like you need some Vegas company,you cannt open chips and read in Vegas kick you out of store.See Charles City dont suck cool town.60 cloudy and may rain.Tell Wallie and Tiny and Macoy hi,little tree triming today.Lought of history in that magazine good stuff the end.