Fall in Iowa - Big Noot is Back !!!!

I don't know what it's like where you're from - but, it's Fall in Iowa - the leaves are almost all gone and the temps are going down. This weekend is set to be about 60 degrees (Indian Summer) so it may be one of the last for motorcycles. It's all downhill from here. Snow, cold, ice, wind . . . nasty stuff coming - always does. My dad (big Noot) is back home after his heart valve repair. I was just starting to keep up with him - now, he'll be in front of the pack again. Good deal. If you're in the area - stop over and say hello. PS. Swap meet season comin' up !

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las iowa joe said...

Looks the same to me,Sure the snow will change it.Hope they lapped pops value in.Will call NOOT friday