Let's take a moment and remember Grizz.(or someone you may know like him) I remember as a lil' shaver my dad workin' on Grizz's engine in our basement on a Sunday. It was time for supper - and mom invited Grizz to join us. I peeked out the corner of my eye to see if this bearded biker would bow his head with us during the family prayer. Sure enough he did. I could go on with another 6-7 stories of Grizz and "The Nuggets" motorcycle club for which he was a member. When your dad is a Harley mechanic during the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's (hell he's still does it) - you get a colorful array of customers. Grizz passed away much too soon. However, he will never be forgotten.

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Las Iowa lit joe said...

Nice hot rod you think if i get the dray bike out there,between everyone we all put a little money in get it going.Have jeff pilot it,he would like to ride it you think so.Leaving wed.morning for Wa another long ride.will call and write to you need your e mail.Your package should be there Tueday.Tell mom and dad hi hope noot is comeing along good.Your friend for life and beyond.