My 1952 Army 45

For Veteran's Day . . . I rode my Korean Army 45 around for a bit. These bikes are interesting to look at. Why Harley did some things the way they did, on 45s . . is beyond me. It runs smooth - no vibration.


Chris K said...

Really clean. Very nice. Now, what are those things that puzzle you?

Noot said...

Why the fixed Main Needle?
Why the rear Speedo?
Why the Tripper Screws?(kicker)
Why the funky clutch pushrod?
Why the (2)pump system?
Why no trans drain plug?
Why the front brake cable runs from
the bottom???
I could go on . . .
Why not just build it like a twin????

Bacon said...

cool bike Noot super clean

Chris K said...

I've wondered why they didn't share more stuff with big twins myself like one inch fork stem and front brake. Some of the things they did (like rear speedo), were the old ways. Perhaps they were maximizing profit by not changing much. The fixed needle to keep GI's from tampering? The two pumps? Possibly because the engines were first designed as a one way loss system. I guess, If they built it like a Big Twin, they would have to charge Big Twin money.