The Best Superglide

A customer would bring in his bone stock '72. I always liked it. The customer became addicted to a certain white powdery substance. The bike went away. I wonder where it is - Is it still stock? The one that got away. . .


Mish said...

Im have an original set of those tanks on my Pan. All orignal tabs, no rust, just a little bondo on the right tank. I love the looks of 3.5gal bobs. Slim and sleek.
And...Im also going to appologize now for wanting an original boattail superglide, but I DO.
On another note, did you read my comment regarding the hardtail conversions? I highly doubt you'll need it, but let me know if I can help in any way.
And Ill stop over to pick up the heads this weekend, Ill call first.

Mish said...
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