I know - many of you wouldn't give .02 for this shit. But, I need it for a project - not really of my choosing. The oil bag is cherry (not a dent) - Dry plates? Hey, I got 4 bikes that use 'em. Tranny gears & shafts are all HD and perfect. The best deal was the Fubar pipes. They sound like crap, but look cool . . . and these don't have the ugly channels & t-nuts. How about the flawless Guide headlight?!?!? Next stop - the AMCA Meet in Fremont, NE - Support your local swap meets !

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liljoegatta said...

parts look cood,we need swamp meets around here dont know why they dont have any got to be parts around.Feel like need to get out of town again nrrd my own airplain,slowed down at bobs gess can do some work around the home joe vegas