My 1st Harley

Back in 1989 when I was fresh out of college, partyin' all the time - rough shape I was. My dad ran a HD custom shop and this '79 came in, wrecked with a busted case. He said if I'd quit spending my money on all this party crap - I could get a bike. He was right. So I bought it for $600 and we took a newer '82 case half (with Hitachi starter) and mated it to the older '79 case half. I painted and polished everything, 2 into 1 header, Mikuni smooth bore, Superglide tank, Pirelli's - she was kinda quick. A former owner gave me a photo of it the other day. (I never really had a good one) When I rode it down the street for the 1st time - you never forgot the pride you feel when you did it yourself.

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