Wrinkle Paint

I use PJ1 Wrinkle Paint (make sure you clean the tip and the can) it likes to stick up after one usage. I then spray Plastic-Coat Flat Black Hi-Heat over the top to dull it up - otherwise it's too shiney and looks like ass . . . Keep the wrinkle a uniform thickness and lay it on a little heavy, but don't get a run or yer screw'd. Tricky stuff - but if you do it right - looks bitchin' . . .


Irish Rich said...

Even if you get a run, all isn't lost.

The way I do it, is to spray on heavy coats, about 5 min. apart. When I'm done, I don't let it wrinkle on its own.

As soon as I'm finished with the last coat, I get right on it with a body shop hand-held heat gun, and cure it out. I've even seen guys use blow driers set on "high" to do it. But, standing out in the shop with a Vidal Sassoon is kinda gehy.

Even if there's a run in the wrinkle paint, if you cure it out right away with the gun, you can usually wrinkle the run right into the finish this way.

You might see a little more "texture" where the run was, but it's really hard to find it. Most of the time it will disappear.

You'll also get a more dramatic wrinkle with the heat gun than you would just letting the part cure out on its own.

Noot said...

Printed out for future reference.
I appreciate it - Thanks Rich !