48 Hours at Bob Spina's

I'm ready for a vacation. After spending 48+ hours with Bob Spina in Vegas, and watchin' him spray flake, airbrush, pinstripe, sand, buff, clear, fix other people's fuck-ups . . . it's clear to see why Spina is the best. Bob was buffin' out flaws I couldn't even see . . . and after 50+ years - he still don't need no sign on his building. So, if you gotta have the coolest paint . . . fly, drive, limo, cab, whatever - build a fucking wood box(I did) - Get with me - I'll get ya hooked up - It's kinda an exclusive deal if you get me? You dig?
Vegas baby !
Photos: "Mad Jack" punkin, Hell's Angels Death Head, Big Noot's Tank (with trade mark "Noot-Beer" rootbeer flake)

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