Leaky Check Ball

If your ironhead leaks past the oil pump check ball(valve) and fills up your primary and lower end after extended periods of inactivity - Get yerself a needle-nose vise grips and put some small pieces of fuel line (so you don't booger up your rubber line) and pinch the feed line shut.
Works for me. Just don't forget to take your grips off - (I always kinda straighten out the line a little before I go rippin' down the road) Maybe I shouldn't be telling you people this stuff???
PS. Zoom in and check my nifty 1/2 link that hasn't flew off yet . . .


Chris K said...

Good tip, I'll have to do that on my shovel.

Once while working on my first bike (a 71 Sportster), I found it didn't have a check ball so I installed one. The weird part was, it never sumped.

9half said...

A good fix, not just for ironheads..

Dude, that thing is scary..haha but if it works.. fuck it..haha

Hope all is well..

Noot said...

All is well 9'er . . . You got a trick scoot there - looks good - I thought it was Nelsons, but he set me straight.