I need investors . . .

Anyone want to go in on buying this motorcycle before it goes overseas? You need:
1. North Iowa address
2. You have to know how to set solid lifters
3. You have to know how to time a magneto(wait, I'll do that)
4. You can't be SR22
5. You need a garage(no outside storage)
6. If it starts making funny noises - pull over.
7. Includes FREE Church of Choppers T-Shirt (maybe)
8. Maybe I should rethink this? My ironhead is runnin' good right now.
9. Saddlebags NOT included.
Seriously, only $13K ? I mean chics will be leavin' their phone numbers, handles like a dream, runs like a mofo, be the baddest on the block for once in your life - just do it !

1 comment:

Jeff Wright said...

Im about two weeks away from keeping it, and tearing it apart.