Francois Cevert

Originally a motorcycle racer - he switched to cars and then Formula One. He would pull wheelies in the paddock on pit bikes. He was one of my favorite drivers due to his style - and he was almost always smiling. Francois was a team-mate of the great Jackie Stewart and finished a close 2nd behind him many times. I believe he had only one single F1 race win in his career. He was killed at Watkins Glen in 1973 - age 29. I was devastated. I saw this photo of him on the net today and it all came back.  Quite intriguing the memories which are stored in the mind only to be brought out by a single photo.


Anonymous said...

RIP mr Cevert. I was just a kid but my dad took me to Watkins Glen several times as a kid.

I still have lots of clear color 35mm slides of that day. The sky was blue, the car was blue, and the sheet over the car was white.

It seems just a few moments ago to me. RIP Francois.

Nul écrit vain said...

My mother was a fan of you, Mister Cevert. I've read your story. To drive in F1 is a game with the death. Unfortunately, you've lost but you remain in our memory.

I'm 26 old and your name is always in my mind.