1971 Camaro SS

An original big block car, this was spared from the crusher at Dale's Automotive by a yard hand.  I bought the car for $1100 (with snowmobile racing winnings) freshly painted, built a fresh 4 bolt truck 350, added some goodies and a nitrous system, and proceeded to get in a lot of trouble with the local law enforcement.  Many nights with a case of Schmidt big mouth bottles in the back, Bon on the 8 track, and a car load of party people with full dugouts.  I stuck out like a sore thumb in this bright orange thing - flying around town.  Almost rolled it one night as I lost control and went briefly "on two wheels" . . . while road racing a '77 Nova on the way back from Waterloo.  A 17 year old - plus - a camaro with lots of power = potential disaster.  What were my parents thinking????

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