Here's why . . . The bottom line: Uncle Bob

I post a lot of Spina paint and stuff. You can see it here on rickynoot . . . Bob's a good friend of mine - and he's also been around the block in the custom paint world . . . you dig? I figure once guys like him are gone - they're gone, and we ain't gettin' any younger. I try to stripe all my jobs with "Spina-style-striping" - so it can kinda carry-on another generation. Bob sends me pics from his cell and I post 'em. It's kinda like being buds with Roth, Dutch, Watson, Mr. J, Bobbo, Magoo, Kelly, Coop, Jimmy C . . . can you dig it? The guys that are legends. They don't make any more like 'em. You diggin' it?
I can dig it !

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