Can I get in trouble for having this?  I saw it at a car swap meet.  It was pretty beat up.  He had all types of other car club plaques, but, this one is the only club I actually know someone from.  So, I bought it - took it home, smoothed it up a bit - and painted it up real nice.  Heavy cast aluminum - I might polish it????

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Irish Rich said...

Here's the deal....

JC Whitney sold those plaques, along with "No Club, Lone Wolf", "Black Widows", etc. for years and years. They're all over the place, and one guy even recasts the Sinners one, and sells them on Ebay. They're a little smaller than the one you have, probably.Not much one can do.

You WILL get in trouble with me if you don't send it to me now that you have it all spiffed up, though. Oh, and don't listen to Jeff Wright, either!