FP @ The Reverb

This crazy fucker, Taime Downe and his band Faster Pussycat rock Iowa tomorrow night in Waterloo.  I'll have to ask him how the bike trip to Mex went with Gilby . . . 80's rock-n-roll at it's best . . . support the sport of heavy metal - Chains over Belts - VO5 over grease . . . get down and rock it !

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Johnny Wolf said...

Hellz yeah!!! I still rock FP all the time.

Livin' in L.A. is so much a fun
Boy you is ugly and your girlfriend wieghs a ton
We was sittin' in our car in a traffic jam
And some tourist started screamin', "Hey, ain't you that guy in Wham?"
No We won't shut up We're just babblin' on and on
Babylon Babblin' on and on Shut up!