J&P Cycles 1st Annual Vintage Meet

Through storms, rain, wind, hail, breakdowns . . . all in 150 miles - but, I made the J&P deal in Anamosa, Iowa.  If you haven't been to the National Motorcycle Museum - it's now better than ever.  Really a super cool deal.  Thanks John (and George) . . . and Jim Long too.


Mish said...

So Dija' buy the Gary Bang SlapStick, or just oggle it??Thanks for all the great pics. My 49 is now ready for oil & motion lotion and fire up. (Check my Blog)But Id sure like you & Papa Noot to check the distributer & valve adjustment before I begin the Kicken'? Im Confident I got it set, but, just like that cam cover gasket, another set of eyes, can save lotsa dead presidents!

Noot said...

Go to Mish's blog and check out his panhead. Nice job dude - one of the coolest pan chops I've ever seen - Seriously.