one for Chris K . . . .

This FLH was at the Viking Chapter AMCA Meet in St. Paul, MN last weekend.  Looked like something Chris K would like so I took a picture of it.  Not totally original, but clean and functional.  I rode to St. Paul Fairgrounds for the meet on Thursday(pm) . . . then split for home Friday(pm) - then got up Sat and went to DICE and came back Sunday(am).  600+ miles, lots of weather, but a great time was had by all.  Can't quit thinking about how much fun it was.


9half said...

I heard from a certain long haired individual that you might be looking at a stock maybe.. I am actually thinking about trading a certain dual mag shovel with Ohlins shocks for a bone stock rigid pan.. get in touch..

Chris K said...

What makes you think so?

Except for the windshield I rode my bike in pretty much that same configuration for a few years. The bag are now off.

That bike is painted '67 style which is very close to my '70's stock paint.

You threw down the gauntlet. Now I'll have to post "One for Noot".