Armando Magri

A true racer and (Harley dealership owner) from Sacramento, California . . . Magri raced with an intensity not seen since.  Legend has it, he rode his motorcycle from Cali to Indiana for a race - and it had a problem where it couldn't be shut off (or he couldn't get it started very easily).  So, he raced in the final event - left it running and rode all the way back to California.  Circa 1940s.

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Unknown said...

The Indiana story goes like this: He rode to Marion, to compete in the 1938 National Miniature TT. He won his heat, got a good starting position, then the flag went up for the main event and he was stuck in neutral, fiddling with an uncooperative carb. The entire pack left him at the starting line, but he raced like a madman,eventually caught up, and finished 3rd in a nine minute long race. Walter Davidson watched Magri race that day, and it began a lifelong friendship between the two. He rode the same WLDR back to California, with his cousin, Ozzy Menconi, along side on his own Harley. Armando said he was prouder about that 3rd place finish than he was about other races he won. You can find the whole story, in separate blogs, on a MySpace tribute page set up for him. -Ken Magri