Road Trippin' Minnesota

Met up with my buddy Hux for a ride up to the Millville Custom Car and Bike Show.  Trying to keep up with his Gixxer 1000 was not possible - so, it was nice he hung back and rode with me.  Then we hooked with my friends Pat and Denny for some beers, food and rock 'n roll.  This area of Minnesota is really unique with it's great roads, cool lil' towns and friendly folks who just want to have a good time.  Reminds me of how life used to be in some areas . . . but, it's never changed here.  Thanks Jordan for all the Grain Belt Tall Boys (I drank like 5 or 6 of them) Thanks Whitey and The Millville Cafe for keepin' me fed.  Got to take a late night run with Pat (riding his 1939 WLDD hot rod) - and again, thanks Pat for hangin' back and riding with me. 
I keep getting slower - WTF?
Wheels Unlimited in Marion (bloody Brits, etc)
"Hux" doin' his thing
Henry Ford would have wanted it this way
Made by Studebaker
The Stumble Inn
Denny's band (an encore performance)
Pat's Dad and his trusty Ironhead Sportster
Kevin & Co. made it down (real riders)
Anti-social campsite
American Bald Eagle watching me brush my teeth


Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

Good seeing ya Noot, Davenport it is next!

Hux said...

Hey man great to see ya. Pat, Jordan and Denny are cool cats ,ya gotta like anyone who has a serious stash of Grain Belt Tall Boys. I need to get ahold of Pat and get some shots of his '39 that bike is a killer piece. Be safe!

pat said...

thanks again for coming noot. i'll see you this weekend!

JB said...

Noot and Hux, glad to supply some refreshments to some out of towners! Appreciate you guys making it up to support the show. looking forward to seeing you guys in Davenport this weekend!

bluedawg said...

It was great to have you in the neighborhood,Noot.Thanks for coming and hangin'.Next time bring your Little Joe shirt.We can start a club or somethun.