Davenport ( not long enough )

Photos Above:
Green with envy
If I could have any bike . . .
Bake gets it on !
Cheney and crew - still at it.
Little Bear gasses it up - talks strategy.
It's been a long, long day (at the Pour House)
Victory for Jeff is sweet.
JW is "Up on Two Wheels" again
Night visions of Willie.
Heavy Crue.
The knuck from the swamp . . .
I tried to go see everyone for a bit this year, and it didn't really work.  Not enough time to do everything.  I'm really glad I got to see the friends I did for a bit.  The first night was great with Kansas City Jim.  I'm always really impressed with his insight and his motorcycle.  Pat, Ted, JB and Hux (same thing next year?) Kris Klein (I love your bike Kris).  One of the neatest things I saw all weekend was Josh making U-Turns with his scoot.  That thing handles.  Davenport - I love that place - they need (2) a year . . .


pat said...

man i would love to. have to see what happens as it gets closer.

JB said...

Noot thanks again for the top notch hospitality. Davenport has to be my destination of choice on two wheels. Wish I could have made a longer weekend of it. Count me in for next year!

Kris Klein said...

Good seein ya Noot. Even if it is kinda blurry. Good meeting your pops too. Give me a shout if your ever in the area.