Harley Terminology

Harley Terms:
Learn It - Know It - Live It !
Slabside = A large piece of pork or beef
Genny = My grandma's friend
Jockey Shift = A jockey top tranny (old tank shift top) with a shifter arm attached directly to the shifter shaft - NOT a ratchet top where your shifter returns to it's original position everytime.
Ratchet Hand Shift = Now you know what it is.
Suicide Clutch(actually no such thing as Suicide Shift) = NOT a tank shift OR a foot rocker clutch.  Or just because it has a hand shift of some type.  It's an old WR type foot clutch set up that releases as soon as you take your foot off - away you go mother fawker !
Jugs = Containers you store shine in.
Toad Stools = things you store your hydraulic or solid lifters in (don't eat them)
The Cat's Ass = Morty says, "Any motorcycle built by John Copeland."


Cycle Nazi said...

please tell me you are coming tomorrow.

Mish said...

Jockey, suicide..... I just call it an "Ass Scrather".