Jeremiah's Dirt Bag Bash III (It ain't easy)

Just want to thank Jeremiah and all all the vendors and friends that showed for the show and party.  I really dig all my friends from Cedar Rapids who always show me a good time.  You guys rule.
Photos from the top:
The trophies for the show were the best I'd ever seen.
This radical pan took the title.
XLs from hell . . .
This Trumpet lives again !
Everyone gets some second-hand-smoke.
If you go with Zac (get gas first !)
This shovel needs a Crazy Frank . . .
Jeremiah ponders the future?

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Cycle Nazi said...

Noot I was really happy to see and talk with you at the always make it interesting and your bikes are so clean!!!! Thanks for the kind words and you can count on another Dirt Bag show next year...Thank you again my friend...Jeremiah