" Destroy and Rebuild . . .

Kelly's tranny had "welded" rollers (not spinning-see the flats).  Countershaft junk.  Surfaces breaking up.  Missing (3ea) thrust washers.   Bushings totally shot.
He said, " Actually, it shifted fine . . . !"
This could only be a Harley 4 speed.  The best ever.
Starting the rebuild with fresh Glyptal.

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Mish said...

One of the boys on the JJ board said it best. "Build old Harleys and destroy them Mile by Mile." That Trannie was basically a swap meet special. Dude said" Ohh yeah, its chuck fulla gears." It had all 4 when I shifted it. So I bolted on the Q-ball took a chance. Damn near made it to winter. I put around 600 miles on that thing and it did shift nice, but it would some times miss 3rd, so Id bump it again and it would be there solid. Crazzy. Thanks Noot for finding time to work on it. This way I KNOW its gonna be a tough old rock crusher when I get it back. More than likely never have to mess with it again.