Art by: Mark Patrick

The old Noot's shop had plenty of Mark Patrick's sculpture around.  Big Noot bought the original "Drifter" from Mark himself at Sturgis one year.  He gave this one ("Santa's Sled") to me, and every year I forget to bring the thing up from the basement for Christmas.  I didn't forget this year . . . but, he looks a little pissed off from being in that box all these years????!!!!  I could have swore Santa was in a more jolly position? 


Irish Rich said...

No, he doesn't look happy.

Hey, do you know why Santa Claus doesn't have any children?

Because he only comes once a year, and then he shoots down the chimney.

Cycle Nazi said...
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Cycle Nazi said...

hey Noot the counter shaft gears seem to have a bit of side play...what ya think????