BMXA 1978

I remember buying this issue at Red Owl.  Took my Murray (Stingray copy) and we welded gussets, double clamp, knobbies, made the Bendix a freewheel, Avocet saddle, fluted post, KKTs . . . I was radder than most.  Me and my brother promoted races, our track, our rules . . . we won most of them - a fixed deal for sure . . . (now I'll get back to work)


WhitelinePsycho said...

Ha, perfect mate, what a rort, you likely would've won regardless. I was buyin Skateboarder, still got em all. Like the studious computer shot.

Hoodlum Society said...

I saw Brian Patterson, Mr Patterson and Richie Anderson at the Hall Of Fame a while ago, and I see Stu Thompson every year at Interbike Las Vegas, BMX forever.