No. 1

They know it's one of the first Harley-Davidsons produced.  It has the No. 1 inside the cases.  So did a few others - they know that for fact.  It's the oldest HD frame known.  One thing is for "sure" - it's the oldest Harley-Davidson known to man.  It started the trends.  As transportation, style, for racing, for sport, for customization . . . everything.  It's the first - and the name remains the same.  It made the hairs on my neck stand up.  It's in a dark room with a faux wood flooring.  Oil soaked.  The floor creaks. There are lights on the floor that depict the 10' X 15' shed where it all started.  Old photos of the founders.  Interesting facts, factory photos, family photos.  It all happened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - US of A.

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68hdchopper said...

This Sean from Kansas city. I have gotten your phone number from Ricky and Jim and have tried to contact you but I can't seem to get ahold of you. I was winding if you would like to work on my 68 xlch motor. Please email at if interested. Thanks Sean