Interview Part 2: Jeff Hawbaker

Jeff didn't seem real interested about the past . . . what he really wanted to talk about was this new motor he's building for his street bike !  I keep telling him about Pat Lehman, from Rochester HD.  Pat this, Pat that . . . Pat is their performance guru . . . etc.  Partially for Pat's benefit:  Let's Bench Race Baggers !
Bake's Latest Project:
Modified Twin Cam Cases with
4 5/8 Stroke X 4 1/4" bore (you figure the cubes)
Nikasil Cylinders (no sleeves please)
HD Hurricane Heads (with secret port job)
62mm Throttle Body (358cfm)
S&S Roller Rockers
Woods Directional Lifters
Really Cool Pistons !
He'll put it all together, then plan to follow him . . .
Not just anyone can build these motors - 
but, from Hawbaker . . ?  What did you expect !?!
(PS. Thanks for the thrust washer . . .)


pat said...

131 huh? make sure he talks to revolution for their latest headgasket fix. they were having us use aircraft sealant on them last time around. everything else looks on par.

i bought one of the first sets of those lifters for my sportster, only to find out they wouldnt move enough oil to the topend...after arguing with bobby woods about it, i took them out.i told him i didnt want to run all the way to work before any oil came out the rocker arm. the new 99C harley lifter internals looks nearly identical to the internals of those woods ones btw, but they move oil?

ask him what he is using for a tuner and where he is getting it tuned??? i know this place. the guy will take real good care of you & wont even leak the numbers.

hey what pipe?!?!?!?

Cycle Nazi said...

NOOT thanks for the post...always good reads from you buddy...