Steel Toe Brewing

Went to the cities again this weekend to deliver a Knuck' - pick up another Knuck' - hang wit my peeps - czech out some parts - and git some brew.  Brew you say?  The best brew is Steel Toe.  Jason is the Brewmaster.  The guy.  The brains of da outfit.  You dig?  So, take it from me.  Next time you hit the cities, you just gotta make the call to: Ph: 952-955-9965 and stop by to git yerself a growler full o' suds.  Good stuff.  Give you a whole new outlook on life.  His new barley-wine is currently being aged in real Templeton whiskey barrels.  It will be ready soon.  Are you ready?  Of coarse yer ready . .
Steel Toe Brewing
4848 W. 35th - St. Louis Park, MN


Hux said...

Size 7 please.

Jagerfoods said...

The best kept secret in Minnesota!