Knuckle Shuffle in Yuba, Wisconsin

Awesome roads, the coolest friends, great cause for a celebration and party in the highest form of bikerdom.  Motorcycles of all years and types.  Refreshments, food, music - just a real damn good time !
Memorable things and people over the event:
1. Engine Give-away
2. Don Wood
3. 2nd Orange Tent on the left
4. Burnouts and wheelies . . .
5. Kevin's bulldog he's gettin' for his kids
6. JB, Pat and all the stories . . .
7. Denny showed up !
8. Reed's pan (adjusting the clutch)
9. The Vietnam Vet (my new bro)
10. The bonfire
11. Kruse, his girl and the wagon !
12. The dude with the Triumph tries too hard . . .
13. The Kardashian Award
14. Yubarittos (just a myth)
15. Milwaukee Mike
16. Paul Holdsworth
17. Kevin Baas and Jeremy Gilbert !
18. New blacktop . . .


WhitelinePsycho said...

Looks like a sweet, relaxed gig. God, I dig your Sporty !!!

JB said...

That was a pretty damn good summary, Noot....sorry we disappeared in the morning..Yuabrritos were no where to be found, probably a good thing for Pat!