Poor Man's Rocker Clutch Stop

1. Find out the range of motion for your foot rocker
2. Scribe through the top, open hole in the outside of the clutch pedal
onto the friction plate surface.
3. Mill a slot
4. Make a pin and weld it in the hole
5. Cut off the front foot pedal and move it up
6. Cut off the access - smooth out the bottom of pedal
7. Make a steel plate and reinforce backside of 
foot peg mount . . . makes it more rigid for fat dudes.
8. Make sure your welder is workin' prior to work
9. Rich has been doin' this for years most likely and
this is nothing new - but, I just figured it out.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Beautifully described mate, it's still half magic to me but I'd love to run one on the shovel, just never used one before, like never.